What The Rich Wont Tell You

Over lunch in a downtown restaurant, Beatrice, a New Yorker in her late 30s, told me about two decisions she and her husband were considering. They were thinking about where to buy a second home and whether their young children should go to private school. Then she made a confession: She took the price tags…

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When to let go

One of the qualities that impresses me most about people is their resilience – that ability to hang in the fight for a time long after most would have quit. And then if things have not gone their way to pick themselves up and start again. If we take a broader perspective human history in…

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Volatility and Stuff

With the situation on the Korean Peninsula threatening to give us another 9 years of MASH and with our own politician desperately trying to find relevance on the world stage by injecting themselves into the crisis I thought it might be interesting to see how markets viewed what was going on. Markets traditionally respond to…

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Predictions and other such nonsense

I got bounced this piece by someone else this morning and asked for comment. I was too lazy to actually write anything long winded about how it is nonsense to try and predict the market, how no one knows where the market is going, or how it is foolish to base your investment decisions on…

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Gold Bugs

With North Korea’s new resident whack job running off at the gob and the United States man baby in chief responding I thought it would be interesting to take a look at gold. The supposed safe haven investment that that right wing doomsday preppers and idiot late night tv shonks go on about. There are a…

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How to grow old like an athlete

The question of how to maximise ‘health span’ – the period of life during which we are generally healthy and free from serious disease – is increasingly prevalent both in and out of sport. Global average lifespan doubled during the 20th Century, and this trend continues. Someone who is 50 today could expect to live until they…

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The Profound Power of Consistency

If there’s one piece of advice that I could offer any aspiring creative, it’s this. Develop a habit of consistently doing something. It doesn’t matter what it is, how small or how big it is. It can be as simple as going for a walk or meditating for 2 minutes. It can be as hardcore…

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Survival of the fitbit

I heard the other day that Fitbit the once darling of wearable fitness devices is coming out with a competitor to the plethora of smartwatches that are now on the market. To my eyes Fitbit falls into that wonderful category of companies that either created or dominated a niche and then failed to adapt to…

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