Why Academics Are Not Rich.

I really shouldn’t have a go at academics since that was a career path I once aspired to. Despite my failed career aspirations they do always seem to be late to the party and when they get there they have brought Captain Obvious as a date. As an example consider the abstract from this piece…

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Let Me Tell You Some More About Bitcoin—Hello? Hello?

And I thought crossfitters and vegans were annoying…… Raphaela Lucsok put up with her husband investing about $100 in bitcoin that the couple couldn’t afford. She didn’t argue when he quit his stable job for a bitcoin startup and even went along with his insistence to eat only at the (very few) restaurants that accept the…

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Complexity Bias: Why We Prefer Complicated to Simple

Complexity bias is a logical fallacy that leads us to give undue credence to complex concepts. Faced with two competing hypotheses, we are likely to choose the most complex one. That’s usually the option with the most assumptions and regressions. As a result, when we need to solve a problem, we may ignore simple solutions…

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The Last Pinball Doctors

Mike Hooker spends his nights maintaining trains on the Long Island Railroad. He spends his days fixing pinball machines. He’s a freelance pinball repair tech, one of the last serving the New York City area. As you might expect, people call him when their old stuff breaks; often times, they simply want to get rid…

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Yes….It Is Hot During Summer…

Apparently, this little piece of information is a complete and utter surprise to most Australians  judging by the level of commentary attached to the current hot spell sweeping the country. The point that most intrigues me is that Australians are constantly surprised by the fact that their country gets friggen hot during summer and each…

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Its Been How Long?

Apparently hearts are a flutter in the investment world because it has supposedly been sometime since the US market had any form of meaningful decline. This has even prompted many to go around saying that the end of the world is inevitable and as usual this sort of thing piqued my curiosity. So, I thought…

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How Bitcoins Ascent Stacks Up

Despite all claims to the contrary the life cycle of the boom/bust phenomena has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Source – Bloomberg PS:I made an interesting observation last night whilst looking at my LinkedIn profile. I consider LinkedIn to be little more than Facebook for people with a job. However, it was interesting to…

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Why Self-Compassion Beats Self-Confidence

Be more confident,” a friend once told me as we made the rounds at a swanky networking event where I felt terribly out of place. Faking confidence is easy: I pulled my shoulders back and spoke louder and with more assertiveness. Like many soft-spoken, mild-mannered people, I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to…

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Impatience: The Pitfall Of Every Ambitious Person

One of my mentors is an art dealer. He specializes in art from the middle ages. Last time we met, he showed me a part of his personal collection. Impressed by the size of the collection, I asked how long it took to accumulate everything. He said “45 years,” and then he laughed when I…

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Price Manipulation in the Bitcoin Ecosystem

Abstract To its proponents, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin offers the potential to disrupt payment systems and traditional currencies. It has also been subject to security breaches and wild price fluctuations. This paper identifies and analyzes the impact of suspicious trading activity on the Mt. Gox Bitcoin currency exchange, in which approximately 600,000 bitcoins (BTC) valued at $188…

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