The Year So Far

An interesting year so far with all the usual suspects popping up. The one that interests me is Lumber since it can be viewed as a leading indicator in terms of economic recovery if you are into that sort of thing. You can see from the chart below that lumber collapsed before the US housing…

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I recently notice some rubbish in my spam folder that purported to link the Mayan calendar and the current state of the market. Apparently since the Mayan calendar runs out in 2012 we should prepare for the mother of all crashes. And dont get me started on the Elliot Wave theorists who still seem to…

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The Most Generous Rich People You’ve Never Heard Of

Found this in the WSJ over the weekend. Love the conclusion – I wish we heard more about the Dornsifes, Jacobson’s and Morks and less about the Trumps, Adelsons and Soros’s of the world. Perhaps then, America would have a more reality-based view of how the wealthy make and give away their money. Amen to…

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More Media Studies Clowns

Someone sent me the image below which pertains to the US. I have been trying hard to think of a reason why the same situation doesn’t apply here and I cant think of one. My personal experience is that this is certainly true locally. The world is being flooded with more and more fluff whereas…

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Spot The Country That Digs Things Up

The chart below is a comparison between the  ASX S&P 200 and the NASDAQ 100. There is a remarkable divergence in perfomance over the past six months. The 200 continues to limp along inside a broad congestion zone that makes it hard for trend followers whereas the NASDAQ 100 continues to power along. Whether the…

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We have long grown use to legal statements that make absolutely no sense whatsoever or those interminable disclaimers at the end of every financial ad on the radio. At last someone has appeared with a sense of human.This is the standard disclaimer that Contango Oil & Gas Company (MCF) include with their  earnings reports –…

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Letter writing is a dying art form replaced by more mundane and functional forms of communication such as emailing and texting. Neither of which carry the emotional resonance of writing something to someone by hand. Below is a letter from Jackson Pollocks father to his young son     Dear Son Jack, Well it has…

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