All 135 Space Shuttle Launches At Once

I am nostalgic for the days of the space race…… Grand Finale 2010-11 from McLean Fahnestock on Vimeo. My guess is that occupational health and safety laws would prevent us from going back to the moon because some shiny arsed dickhead in a fluoro vest would not sign off on it because someone didnt have…

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A Letter From Mark Zuckerberg

Nice little touch up from The New Yorker At Facebook headquarters, we like to have all-night coding parties where we get shitfaced and write algorithms and other computer stuff you wouldn’t understand. I want you to do the same thing, except instead of coding, I want you to click on random ads for and…

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Its Friday

…and its time for Soul Train I was reminded of this whilst listening to a How Stuff Works podcast on How Disco Works Might get me some of those pants for my AIA presentation….

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AIA Conference

Apparently I am presenting at the Australian Investors Conference on the Gold Coast next Tuesday. Not really my target audience – wonder how I will go when I tell them and then prove to them that time in the market is crap and dollar cost averaging is a tool for fools. Sounds like it might…

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Although the study looks to investigate several aspects of this emotion, the initial — and perhaps most intriguing– hypothesis is pretty striking: the experience of awe will expand your perception of time…… …..The results lined up perfectly with the study’s founding premise (which was probably unsurprising to the study’s authors). They show that experiencing a…

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My wife is a bit of a golf nut so for the past four days we have been watching the British Open – in particular we have been following the progress of the Australian golfer Adam Scott. Who after three days seemed to have put a comfortable buffer between himself and everybody else. On the…

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I Love These….

…it gives me someone to poke fun at The Long-Term Argument for Dow 20,000 Despite all that is written about the folly of prediction and how experts are chronically wrong in almost every prediction they make people still pay attention to them.  

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Its Not Your Fault

Every so often you come across a statement that so neatly encapsulates what is wrong with almost every aspect of the modern world that you stand and marvel that someone has actually uttered it. Whilst heading off to the gym I heard that at a recent get together someone had stated that the war on…

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