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The AlphaMind Podcast – 2010 Flash Crash

A young man amasses $70,000,000 in trading profits, is accused of causing one of the biggest Stock Market Crashes ever, is the subject of a major US govt investigation and a multimillion-dollar manhunt, and all from his upstairs bedroom, in his parent’s modest house, in an ordinary London suburb, without his family or friends having a…

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Behavioural Lessons From 2020

As we finalise our predictions for 2021, it would be prudent to consider what our expectations were for 2020 and how those played out. Markets, economies and people are far too complex to foresee with any level of confidence or accuracy.  Making predictions about financial markets is one of those activities that we perform in…

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A Fool And His Money.

What is interesting about trading and investing is that its participants largely think that the things they experience are unique in some way when in reality they have simply found another mechanism for expressing all the foibles of being human (read stupid). These displays of being all too human result in traders being subject to…

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Pop quiz. If someone suggested to you that you should undergo a mandatory 28-day quarantine to come and give a presentation to them in person that could be done over Zoom would you – a) Tell them to get stuffed. b) Tell them to get stuffed. c) Tell them to get stuffed. If you answered…

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Where Did All the Rogue Traders Go?

…Nick Leeson wasn’t the first rogue trader in history and, despite the controls put in place after he’d brought down Barings, he wasn’t the last. Not six months after Leeson was caught, a trader in Daiwa Bank’s New York office confessed to over ten years of unauthorised dealing activity, leading to losses of over $1…

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Make Peace with Your Unlived Life

….The idea of a “true self” and a “false” or “shadow” self has long preoccupied psychologists. For example, Carl Jung introduced the notion of the shadow side of our personality. He viewed “the shadow” as our unknown, dark side—made up of the primitive, negative, socially depreciated human emotions such as sexuality, striving for power, selfishness,…

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Vaccines, Emotions and Investment Decisions

Vaccines have a behavioural problem. If they are effective then they can eradicate a risk from our lives. The successful development of vaccines means that we are no longer exposed to a variety of illnesses that were debilitating and devastating. Yet because we don’t experience these traumas, it is easy to overlook the incredible benefits…

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