Trading Game – Terms and Conditions

General Advice Warning

The Trading Game Pty Ltd (ACN: 099 576 253) is an AFSL holder (Licence no: 468163). The information in the Trading Game function you are attending is correct at the time of publishing and may not be reproduced without formal permission. It is of a general nature and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on any of the information you should consider its appropriateness, having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs.

The training services do not provide any investment advice and do not involve any recommendations in relation to your personal financial circumstances or investment needs, or the current or future value or prospects of any securities or securities markets. Trading carries with it the risk of financial loss.

You should obtain investment advice from a licensed investment adviser before making any investment decisions. The Trading Game Pty Ltd and any agent appointed by The Trading Game Pty Ltd will not accept liability for any loss, damage or expense incurred or suffered by you if you rely on any information provided in making investment decisions.

The participant is defined as the person or persons attending the Trading Game online or offline function or event, or receiving/reviewing/in possession of/or in any way coming into contact with any product provided or authored by Chris Tate, Louise Bedford, any agent of the Trading Game, or Trading Game. Participants agree that they may be videoed, or have photos taken of them, at any Trading Game events and agree that these videos or images may be used for promotion of other Trading Game events, and for educational purposes. Please note that all information published on forums by the participant, Trading Game or Trading Game clients also constitutes as the property of Trading Game, although the accuracy/copyright/effectiveness of any strategies mentioned by members other than Trading Game agents/employees, is not the responsibility of Trading Game.

Refund Policy

We stand by our products, and we know that when you see the quality and value for money, you’ll realise that your trading goals will be fulfilled by this education. If however, you are unhappy for any reason, books, posters and home study courses may be returned within 10 days of purchase.

Keep in mind that we will be unable to refund the postage as all postage will remain the responsibility of the person ordering the product.

To be refunded, products must be returned in a saleable condition.

Keep in mind that any refunds will be put on as a ‘credit’ to your credit card if this is how you initially paid for the item.

Any questions should be addressed to:

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds for PDF files, MS Excel files, or other electronic media purchased from The Trading Game. This is due to the lack of copyright security available for this type of media. We’re sure you understand where we are coming from with this, as this is standard policy for all companies, even outside this industry, when dealing with these types of items.

One-day seminars can receive a refund if the request is made within 72 hours of the expected date of the event if the reason or rationale provided is deemed appropriate by the Directors of the company.

Trading Game’s Acceptable Use

If any communication, email, discussion, social media, appointment – face-to-face or video eg zoom, or any other form of communication is deemed to be aggressive, disrespectful to Trading Game or their agents, or in any way provided in an angry or threatening tone, or perceived as harassing, we reserve the right to limit or block further contact, with no warning required.

We can only grow together if a respectful tone is perpetuated with all communication as I’m sure you’ll understand.


Financial Services Guide

The Trading Game Pty Ltd holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (licence number 468163) authorising us to conduct the financial services described in this FSG.

The purpose of this FSG is:

– to ensure that you receive important information about the type of financial services we are authorised to provide to you;
– to assist you in deciding whether to use any of the financial services that we are authorised to provide to you;
– to provide you with information about the remuneration that we may receive in relation to financial services offered; and
– to provide you with details in relation to our complaints and dispute resolution procedures.

Click here to download the latest copy of this Guide. Please note that this Guide is subject to change with or without notice.

By participating in any Trading Game function, either online or offline, you are agreeing to these conditions:


The intellectual information being presented in this presentation is agreed to be wholly proprietary in nature.


The participant agrees to treat all information received during this program as confidential. The participant agrees:

  1. The information disclosed during the seminar remains the property of The Trading Game Pty Ltd.
  2. A breach of this agreement will have a financial impact upon The Trading Game Pty Ltd.
  3. The Trading Game Pty Ltd will seek compensation for any financial duress suffered as a result of the breach of this agreement.
  4. Participants will be sharing sensitive, personal information during the meetings and online. I promise not to discuss these details outside the function and to treat everyone with complete respect and care. I agree to be my fellow function participants’ unreasonable friend and to care enough not to let others off-the-hook in terms of accountability.
  5. The participant acknowledges that they have read and understood the Privacy and Licensing information as depicted on this page, which is subject to alteration at any time, with or without notice.
  6. The participant acknowledges that they have read and understood the Referrals information as depicted on this page, which is subject to alteration at any time, with or without notice.
  7. If you’re purchasing through this website on behalf of another attendee/client/friend/relative etc, you are providing express permission that they are also agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.
  8. By clicking ‘Process’ for any order on our website, or purchasing any item from Trading Game, you are consenting to receive emails, promotional offers, information-based newsletters, and other forms of communication from our website as purchasing from the Trading Game shop constitutes an opt-in to our website.
  9. The participant will not disclose the intellectual content of the seminar to a third party by way of any means. They will not teach, write about in articles/blogs/forum postings, or publish any of the proprietary information revealed to them during or after the function.
  10. The participant will not copy, reproduce or transmit any of the information to a third party unless authorised in writing by The Trading Game Pty Ltd.

For other questions you may have about our online or offline store, click here for our FAQs.

Note: These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.