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One of the things I find most interesting about traders is the number of preconceived notions they have about various instruments. For example, FX trading is traditionally associated with trading very short time frames. FX traders tend to have conniptions if you suggest that they trade anything longer than a tick chart. However, this is…

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My Favourite Chart Of Last Year

This is my favourite chart of last year. It is my favourite chart not for the reasons that might immediately spring to mind. I do a year end review of trades that come my way – the aim on doing so is to perform a rigorous form of self assessment. Over the years I have…

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We Are All In The Wrong Line Of Work

Anyone who says the American Dream is dead doesn’t work at a hedge fund. Last year, hedge fund employees earned more money for lower performance. The 2015 Hedge Fund Compensation report indicates that hedge fund professionals’ bonuses and salaries increased this year, and that funds plan to boost hiring in the near future. However, according to…

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Your Brain Is A Jerk

This dropped into my feed this morning and it is intriguing how it is not only in trading that our brain tricks us into doing the wrong thing. The notion that the way you do one thing is the way you do everything still rngs true. One of the curses of being human is that…

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Oil at $50

A few weeks ago I did a dodgy analysis of oil versus shale and put together a league table of production costs for various oil producers. The Economist has done a much tidier job.  

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A Race to the Front Row

Now I know why I have never done classes – they are full of sad narcissistic dickheads….. Greccia Clausen, a Manhattan accountant, approaches her quest for a front-row bike at SoulCycle like the numbers game it is. Every Monday at noon, when the booking window opens, she and a friend each try to grab two…

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In Tokyo, a Five-Foot-Wide Home is Not Weird at All

Anyone who has ever been to Japan and spent time with the Japanese will know that their definition of odd is very different from ours….. The Wall Street Journal has finally caught on to Tokyo’s “impossibly skinny houses” phenomenon (Remember that 10-foot-wide “lantern” home? And that 9.8-foot-wide wall house? Plus the thinnest “Flatiron building” ever?) Anyway, in a new piece…

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Bankers Will Lie At The Toss Of A Coin

Economists at the University of Zurich, Michel Maréchal, Alain Cohn and Ernst Fehr, set out to learn whether bankers are in fact more likely to cheat. They particularly focused on whether people who consciously thought of themselves as bankers (and acted under this moniker) were more likely to cheat than when they had their non-professional…

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New Year Predictions

 One of things that always intrigued me about this time of year is the number of pronouncements that come out regarding predictions for the coming year. In my world if you are going to display a complete lack of credibility then all you need to do is to make predictions about what such and such…

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