Myth and Reality

One of the problems with trading is that it is awash with various pieces of wisdom and mythology that dont stand up to scrutiny. I try as much as possible to run an evidence based life and when I dont understand something or I hear something that is a bit off the stock standard piece…

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Why Is This Still A Question?

Consider the headline below – Source – The New York Times I am still surprised within academic circles that the value of exercise in delaying many age-related illnesses is still a matter for debate and that the press react so breathlessly to these pronouncements. And you don’t even have to go to the gym to…

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The Great FAANG Prang

I spied this little piece from the NY Times which had the accompanying headline and graphic. The recent pullback in the US quite naturally took a lot of the  high flyers with it. What caught my eye was not that these stocks had fallen but that their drop was seized on by many commentators as…

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Emotional Inertia

I have always been a fan of Decision Theory – the notion of how we make decisions with varying amounts of information has always been fascinating to me. This should seem obvious since trading is a profession that straddles both normative and descriptive decision making. Normative decision is about making decisions with incomplete information whereas…

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The 2019 Mentor Program is now open for bookings!

Very excited to open our 2019 Mentor Program for bookings! When we opened for bookings there was a rush of people eager to book into the February 2019 Mentor Program. Those people are now well on their way to becoming exceptional traders. They can rest easy knowing that they’ve got us, Chris Tate and Louise…

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More Than One Game In Town

With equity markets performing reasonably poorly in the short term I thought it may be instructive to look at the YTD performance of a basket of markets. The snip below is from a handy little website that generates performance metrics over time. The unfortunate thing about being an equities only trader is that you are…

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Lets Talk Equity Curves

In particular lets talk fake equity curves and by fake I mean either made up (fictitious) or curve fitted ( made up by a machine to look really good) Unfortunately trading abounds with these curves and the internet and particular Facebook is littered with curves that purport to show how someone has managed to turn…

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Awoke this morning to note that cryptos had once again fallen out of bed. Coincidentally the good Dr Joe sent me the following t-shirt which he aptly stated was a good t-shirt for people still clinging to the dream of Bitcoin going to $1M – which is a prediction I heard more than once last…

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