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10 Things You Didn’t Know

SO OFTEN WHEN I’m interviewed, or when a trader meets me for the first time, they’ll comment on how I’m exactly the same in real life as I am in my books. This fills me with warmth, because I do honour authenticity. You get to see me warts and all in this newsletter. I invite…

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Well Thats Confusing……

I grabbed the image below from Investors Business Daily I took the image because I wanted to highlight two sections for you. It probably amazes equity analysts that traders/investors with critical thinking skills find them laughable. While traders/investors with critical thinking skills find people who dont find them laughable simply moronic. How could this profession be…

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You Think They Would Have Thought Of That

A few weeks ago LB and I had to trot into town for the day for a meeting and since I dont do public transport for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who has caught public transport I decided to drive and park. Since I am little bit compulsive in my planning I looked…

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Ray Dalio – Principles Part Two

I had made an exhaustive study of recessions so that I could form a timeless picture of an archetypal recession and then understand the difference among them. I did that for all economic and market movements and was inclined to do it for just about everything, because it helps me understand how things work. One…

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Hedge Fund Managers With Psychopathic Tendencies Make for Worse Investors

Ya reckon….yet another thing that probably got a grant when one wasn’t actually needed. Some things belong in the no shit Sherlock file…. Abstract It is widely assumed that psychopathic personality traits promote success in high-powered, competitive contexts such as financial investment. By contrast, empirical studies find that psychopathic leaders can be charming and persuasive,…

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Louise’s Love Affair

The year was 1993. I was in a full blown tantrum. My broker was copping the brunt of my frustration. “You’re getting rich from me paying you brokerage, and I’m not making any money at all. Unless you can introduce me to someone making bucket-loads of money as a trader, I’m going to quit” I…

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Off With Their Heads

I came across this chart the other day – it shows the collapse in the income of the bottom 50% of the population versus the gain of the top 1%. I am not certain who actually thinks this sort of thing is sustainable.

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Long Term Wealth Creation

I am currently in the process of adding the finishing touches to our upcoming seminar series and in doing so I was looking at the notion of long term wealth creation and why it is so hard for traders to simply sit still and not doing anything when the market is running in their favour.…

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Ray Dalio – Principles Part 1

I am currently making my way through Ray Dalio’s collection of thoughts and it is proving to be an interesting read. Dalio is an interesting individual with an interesting take on life – this obviously explains in part why his hedge fund Bridgewater has a somewhat interesting reputation for having an unusual corporate culture. What…

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