Doing The Tough Stuff

When we embrace discomfort, it changes how we handle the tough stuff. A study that came out after the book was finished largely validates this sentiment. Researchers had individuals do some of the hardest things in modern society: consider political viewpoints from the opposite side of the aisle on the most controversial topics. When ​researchers​ primed subjects…

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The Most Important Thing(s)

My daughter is soon due to change schools and I recently spent an hour being shown around a potential destination for the next seven years of her education. As we were being told about how many lunch options there will be available each day, my mind started drifting off into the topic of decision making…

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Much Ado About Nothing

Every now and again graphics like the one below will pop up. They show either the NDX chart year to date, the top 10 stocks in the NDX year to date, or a combination of the day. Apparently, this is meant to represent some great form of moral hazard that we are being informed about…

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Ten Minutes With Tate Metaphors

‘Action’ related metaphors are so seductive. Plus, when you’ve been exposed to the money script that being in the markets is glamorous and action-packed, it makes you less likely to see the reality of what it takes to trade effectively. Watch the metaphors you use in relation to trading, or live with the consequences.  

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Random Thoughts 28 Broking Is In Crisis – Who Cares?

Chris Tate says: “According to the Australian Financial Review, stockbroking is in crisis. My immediate thought is who cares? This is my somewhat ranty response to the article which gives numerous reasons as to why stockbroking might be failing as an industry. I then put in my two cents worth as to why it might…

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Risky Business?

Let’s take a plunge into the wild world of business and trading! Explore the juicy similarities between these two exciting endeavours, like the vital role of risk management, the epic power of strategic thinking, and the need for a boss-like mindset to achieve. So, grab your coffee, sit back, and let’s get into it!  

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Things Professional Investors Should Say but Can’t

One of the main challenges faced by professional investors is that good behaviours are often in direct conflict with our own interests. This is either because our incentives are misaligned – what’s beneficial for the business or my career is not necessarily good for my client – or we feel compelled to meet the erroneous…

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Foresight: The Mental Talent That Shaped The World

When humanity acquired the ability to imagine the future, it changed the trajectory of our species. But in the age of the Anthropocene, we need to harness this mental skill now more than ever, say the scientists Thomas Suddendorf, Jon Redshaw and Adam Bulley. More here – BBC Future

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Should Investors Trust Their Gut?

Investors often talk about making a decision based on a feeling in their gut. Explaining how some form of unconscious intuition led them to the correct choice.  Although this is an appealing notion – particularly as people only seem to mention it following success – it can also be a dangerous one. Should investors really…

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5 Mistakes We Make When We’re Overwhelmed

The following are five common self-sabotaging mistakes overwhelmed people tend to make. There are practical solutions for each that will help you feel like you’re on top of things and do a better job of navigating your most important tasks and solving problems. More here – Harvard Business Review

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