Where Did All the Rogue Traders Go?

…Nick Leeson wasn’t the first rogue trader in history and, despite the controls put in place after he’d brought down Barings, he wasn’t the last. Not six months after Leeson was caught, a trader in Daiwa Bank’s New York office confessed to over ten years of unauthorised dealing activity, leading to losses of over $1…

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Make Peace with Your Unlived Life

….The idea of a “true self” and a “false” or “shadow” self has long preoccupied psychologists. For example, Carl Jung introduced the notion of the shadow side of our personality. He viewed “the shadow” as our unknown, dark side—made up of the primitive, negative, socially depreciated human emotions such as sexuality, striving for power, selfishness,…

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Vaccines, Emotions and Investment Decisions

Vaccines have a behavioural problem. If they are effective then they can eradicate a risk from our lives. The successful development of vaccines means that we are no longer exposed to a variety of illnesses that were debilitating and devastating. Yet because we don’t experience these traumas, it is easy to overlook the incredible benefits…

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If You Ever Wondered Why?

Most people in life go nowhere that is a given and they go nowhere because even when given an opportunity to make a small difference to their lives they do something stupid. I have had the graphic below sitting on my junk file for awhile cluttered in with all the rest of the detritus I…

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How Much Conviction Do You Hold in Your Investment Views?

I recently read War and Chance by Jeffrey A. Friedman, which considers how foreign policy specialists deal with the uncertainty that surrounds their high stakes decisions.  Friedman focuses on an historic reticence to explicitly discuss either probabilities or confidence levels when making subjective judgements.  Whilst the impact of decisions made around the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden…

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Its Hard Because…….Its Hard…..

As anyone who has had the patience or misfortune to listen to me speak on trading for more than five minutes will well be aware, I am fond of saying that trading is simple but not easy and it is. It only consists of three rules, if it is trending up buy it, if it…

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The Mentor Program – Only a Few Places Left

The Mentor Program is a 6-month, repeat-for-free, comprehensive training course for traders of all levels – and our results speak for themselves. When we opened up for booking for the 2021 Mentor Program, there was a scramble. A flurry. A crazed run at the gate as people came on board. You are going to want…

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Meet the Woman Teaching the Psychology of Survival

Kate Baecher and her mountaineering group were being guided over a dangerous traverse in Europe a few years ago when a climber in the party ahead of them fell hundreds of feet to her death. Baecher, a Sydney-based psychologist, military veteran, and avid mountaineer with a background helping people perform in high-stress situations, kept her cool…

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