Hard To Bet Against

This was the title of an article that caught my eye whilst having tea and toast with LB down at my local this morning. The thing that is hard to bet against is the price of TSLA – which if the press is to be believed seems to have become somewhat of a national sport…

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I am a relative newcomer to social media as such I find it a fascinating ecosystem for self-aggrandisement ( a favourite of doctors and strength coaches) outright lying ( system developers who have never had a drawdown and 14 years olds who claim they can squat 300kg) and general nonsense of a motivational nature. I…

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Learning From A Bad Trade

“It only took 4,209 days, but I am finally even!!!” So declared Stephen Bearce, now a broker at Wells Fargo. He had taken a flier on 100 Bear Stearns shares amid its epic collapse from $171.51 — its record closing price on Jan. 12, 2007 — to where Bearce bought it at $30 a share on Friday, March 14, 2008.…

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Why Smart People Do Stupid Things

Smart people are not only just as prone to making mistakes as everyone else—they may even be more susceptible to them. This idea has been dubbed the Intelligence Trap. It explains the flaws in our understanding of intelligence and expertise, and how the decisions of even the brightest minds and talented organisations can backfire. More…

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Can Exercise Reverse The Ageing Process?

While many in their 80s and 90s may be starting to take it easy, 85-year-old track star Irene Obera is at the other end of the spectrum. Setting multiple world athletics records in her age category, she is one of a growing band of “master athletes” who represent the extreme end of what is physically possible later…

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The Art of Blooming Late

Mozart was a celestial genius, but he struggled like a mere mortal during his teens and early twenties. Though already a prolific composer, he had to work as an organist and concertmaster in his native Salzburg to make ends meet. Underpaid, unfulfilled, and hemmed in by his frustratingly average gigs, he felt a burning desire…

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Toward a Grand Unified Theory of Snowflakes

Kenneth Libbrecht is that rare person who, in the middle of winter, gleefully leaves Southern California for a place like Fairbanks, Alaska, where wintertime temperatures rarely rise above freezing. There, he dons a parka and sits in a field with a camera and a piece of foam board, waiting for snow. Specifically, he seeks the sparkliest,…

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Reward versus Meaning

Eventually in everyone’s trading career will come a time when you question the decision you have made to become a trader. This is a natural part of the journey and it is a watershed moment because those who understand their own motivations will have sound concrete reasons for continuing. Those who do not or whose…

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