Idiot By Line Of The Day

For some reason I get a copy of Your Trading Edge sent to me on a regular basis and generally after a quick scan to see how far people can drop into superstition and magical thinking it goes in the bin. Not this week because one article contains a by line so staggeringly ironic that…

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As you would expect I keep a file of all world indices but I call this file a context file in that it has no information other than price and a few coloured lines. The reason I do this is simply to remove as much noise as possible and to get a sense of what…

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WTF These Blokes Talking About?

Von Neumann, Feynman and Ulam sitting around bullshitting to one another. If Feynman is involved then its probably about safe cracking or girls…… If you want to make yourself smarter google those three names and be prepared to be amazed at how clever some bastards are…

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Study Suggests Hedge Funds Are Good For Markets

A new academic study asks whether hedge funds make markets inefficient and the answer appears to be ‘no.’ “Hedge Fund Herding and Crowded Trades: The Apologists’ Evidence,” is the work of Blerina Bela Reca of the University of Toledo, Richard W. Sias, University of Arizona and Harry J. Turtle, Washington State University. The authors examined…

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Smart People Doing Smart Things

Note to audience – this video contains smart people doing smart things. Do not watch if you have a passion for reality tv, womens magazines or if you have a child with a bogan name such as Alivia, Alixzander, Amarly, Antwonet, Ararahbella or Sierra-Leonie.

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The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia

Brilliant piece by Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone – I have said it before and I will say it again – Taibbi is the best finance journalist going around today. All the rest seemed to be boring hacks who try and conjure up some postdictive bullshit as to why something happened as opposed to looking…

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Bet On Anything

Following on from my surprise that betting agencies present their information in a manner similar to other derivative providers I have been doing a bit of trolling around and found that someone is actually making a market on the timing of the discovery of the Higgs boson. For those not up with the nitty gritty…

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Odd Thing I Learn’t Last Night

I have just started reading The Status Syndrome which is a look at how our status and how the perception of our status affects both our longevity and our health. In the opening few pages I have learn’t that  actors and actresses that won an Academy Award lived four years longer on average than those…

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Well There Ya Go

I occasionally peruse the Finalternatives website. Generally to find out who is going to jail and which hedge fund manager despite delivering sub par performance for the past decade has still managed to buy a $25,000,000 apartment I came across this headline whilst scanning it this morning – Thiel Launches Growth-Stage VC Firm I thought…

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Here is a question – if the world is still going to hell in a hand basket why are my systems slowly moving me to the long side of the market. I have three equity index longs running at present. May last…may not.

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Training At LB’s Gym

So I trained at LB’s gym this morning and the conversation around us went something like this. Oh….did you feel the earthquake last night the terror…..It rattled my china ponies…I thought I was going to lose them all…..and then to come in here and its so cold, I dont know if I can stand 10…

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Highest Paid Athletes

I spotted this whilst having brekky this morning and thought it was worth a bit of analysis. It is a list of the worlds highest paid athletes which in itself is interesting from a voyeur’s perspective.- Forbes lists 100 athletes but I cut the list down to the top performers. The top performers are shown…

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