Jim Rogers

“Most of us don’t have the discipline to stay focused on a single goal for five, ten, or twenty years, giving up everything to bring it off, but that’s what’s necessary to become an Olympic champion, a world class surgeon, or a Kirov ballerina. Even then, of course, it may be all in vain. You…

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The Man Who Broke Atlantic City

Johnson is very good at gambling, mainly because he’s less willing to gamble than most. He does not just walk into a casino and start playing, which is what roughly 99 percent of customers do. This is, in his words, tantamount to “blindly throwing away money.” The rules of the game are set to give…

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Dodgy Stat Of The Day

For some idiotic reason I wanted to find out the trajectory of funds under management within the superannuation industry. You would think that data that had such national significance would be easy to find….guess again. To get some inkling of the way funds under management had been growing in the past decade I had to…

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Investor Inattention During FIFA World Cup Matches

An odd little paper that someone obviously got a grant for. The Pitch Rather than the Pit: Investor Inattention During FIFA World Cup Matches At the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, many soccer matches were played during stock market trading hours, providing us with a natural experiment to analyze fluctuations in investor attention.…

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US Market Relative Performance

I snagged the following three graphs from Google finance. Each chart looks at the relative performance of the Dow (DJI), the NASDAQ (IXIC) and the S&P500 (INX) The point that interested me was that out to six months ago this was a recovery lead by the tech heavy NASDAQ with the Dow and S&P bringing…

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I got this invite thingy for the somewhat long winded –  The 100WHF-Stanford PACS Conference: A New Era of Alpha & Altruism It is being presented by a group called 100 Women In Hedge Funds which is a professional body that aims to support women working in the financial arena. All in all a good…

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I have written about prediction a few times in the past – the main thrust of my argument is that it is – 1. Pointless 2. Experts dont have a friggen clue This is a nice little podcast on Philip Tetlock one of the driving forces behind the pointlessness of experts philosophy. So Tetlock took…

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