What A Dick

Its funny how things never really change – I used to know people like this in the 1980s when I was a broker. In fact it was decision to try and throw one of them out of a window that made me seriously consider my career in the sell side of finance. Did I mention…

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So What Are You Going To Do In the New Year?

I am not a big motivational type of guy – in fact I think that motivational speaking is largely a load of bollocks. It is a akin to loading a two year old every preservative known to mankind and then watching them zoom around like a fly in a bottle. However, I think people who…

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“Can you eat gold? No. You can eat and barter Spam” Nouriel Roubini, economist, Dec 14 2011 I do note that bread may actually have been a better investment than Gold as well. In 1980 the average cost of a generic loaf in Victoria was $0.54 – today this price can be as high as…

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The Year That Was

About this time of the year we get a raft of year in review style of articles in the popular press. They usually have a few common elements. 1. The year was (insert appropriate metaphor here) 2. Looking back it was all so obvious…..then why didnt you tell us this before the year began. 3.…

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Does Your Passion Pay?

I came across this set of 52 rules for life and its not bad – a little touchy feely for my liking but it is not a bad general list of things to aspire to for a better life. One rule did strike me – 6.Find your passion. Another indispensable tip. This might be the…

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And You Wondered Why?

If ever you have wondered why there was a profound lack of resolve on the behalf of the SEC to prosecute the flagrant illegalities arising from the GFC then you might get a partial clue as to why below. WSJ….Members of Congress already get better health insurance and retirement benefits than other Americans. They are…

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Amusing typically English take on Europe’s problems and the UK stepping away from the last round of suggested fixes. The UK is as isolated as someone left on the dock in Southampton as the Titanic sailed away. -Terry Smith of Tullett Prebon  

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I’m Not Certain This Is Productive

Bloomberg – “We have a new credo: carpe noctem — seize the night,” said Douglas A. Kass, a hedge fund manager who routinely sets his alarm for precisely that time to scan the headlines coming out of Europe. All last week, the musings of the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and other European leaders put the…

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