The Death Of Value Investing

I got bounced this for comment and my immediate thought was why if value investing is doing so well why is one of the rotating images in the the page header what looks to be a shitty little Toyota 86. But that’s just me being bitchy… a more reasoned response follows. Value investing will never…

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America’s Health Disadvantage

This fascinates me and seems to be a valuable window into the values of a country. I still cannot wrap my head around the ludicrous arguments against universal health care other than to offer the opinion that the more conservative you are the dumber you seem to be. Image compliments of Master of Science in…

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John Paulson And Gold

I am not really much of a contrarian. You cant be when you are a trend follower and whilst I take mild amusement from magazine covers trumpeting that housing is the best investment in the universe in 2007 only to see housing end up in the toilet. It is not a strategy I find compelling…

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Resources Boom?

Last night I caught a snippet on Woodside calling it quits on a prject in WA. Ordinarily this wouldn’t worry me but I was intrigued by all the crap speak that surrounded the event. So I went in search of what was actually happening. – Woodside Petroleum Ltd. has decided against using the Western Australian…

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Introduction To Backtesting Metrics Part 2

Kora Reddy of asxiq is back as  a guest contributer with part two of his introduction to backtesting metrics. It follows on from Part One which can be found here. Payoff ratio (Ratio avg win/avg loss): Payoff ratio is the system’s average profit in Dollar terms per winning trade, divided by the average loss in Dollar…

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76% Of All Statistics Are Made Up

Whilst heading to the gym this morning I heard on the radio that police had seized 280 kilogram of methamphetamine with a street value of $205 million. Apart from thinking I was in the wrong business I thought bullshit. The reason I said bullshit was simply the result of a quick bit of mental arithmetic,…

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Stock Sweet Sixteen

Apparently the image below has been doing the rounds as the drivers of US stocks. To which I say…. Simply because it ignores the overriding issue of our perceptual driver. The thing in control of all markets is our own tiny brain and the silly things it does.

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Hedge Funds Fudge Their Data…Say It Isn’t So

From The Economist – Some revisions may be down to cock-up but a closer look hints at conspiracy. Counter-intuitively, most fixes aim to make performance look worse than originally stated. That is probably because two-thirds of funds charge performance fees only if they are at or above their highest valuations. Eager to bring forward the time…

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Not Everything Is As It Seems

Every now and again I tend to review the relative performance of markets to get a sense of what is happening. I also do it to make certain I have not missed something that is glaringly obvious. Such a task is more of an overview hobby because in the world of relative performance not everything…

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