Why the Rich Don’t Give to Charity

The Atlantic……It is not. One of the most surprising, and perhaps confounding, facts of charity in America is that the people who can least afford to give are the ones who donate the greatest percentage of their income. In 2011, the wealthiest Americans—those with earnings in the top 20 percent—contributed on average 1.3 percent of their income…

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What A Remarkable Individual

NY Times….Even among top athletes, Jornet is an outlier. Take his VO2 max, a measure of a person’s ability to consume oxygen and a factor in determining aerobic endurance. An average male’s VO2 max is 45 to 55 ml/kg/min. A college-level 10,000-meter runner’s max is typically 60 to 70. Jornet’s VO2 max is 89.5 —…

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US Wealth Inequality

The key point for me is the statement – skewed unfairly. This is the crux of the argument, over the past generation it seems as if there has been a concerted attempted to skew the playing field to benefit the uber wealthy whilst disadvantaging everyone else. Systems will also show inequality, this is simply the…

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The Number Of Winners Doesn’t Count

I originally posted this in the Foundation section of the Mentor Program but I thought it was too good to leave there. One of the key psychological and emotional roadblocks that new traders have to get over is that the number of winning trades you have does not matter. What matters is how much on…

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In What World Is This True?

I get a newsfeed from FinAlternatives its always good for which hedge fund has gone broke, which one is being investigated for insider trading and which one is mysteriously relocating to a country with no extradition. This morning I popped in to take a look and saw the following headline – Hedge Fund Pay Up…

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I am somehow subscribed to the ASX’s  Investor Update. In the latest edition I came across the following article – Ten Questions When Picking Junior Miners I have striped out the ten questions. 1. What commodities are being explored for? 2. Where are the projects? 3. Are the projects of significant scale? 4. Is there…

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Is There Life After Work?

New York Times…..At an office party in 2005, one of my colleagues asked my then husband what I did on weekends. She knew me as someone with great intensity and energy. “Does she kayak, go rock climbing and then run a half marathon?” she joked. No, he answered simply, “she sleeps.” And that was true.…

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