Money Cant Buy Happiness….Ya Reckon

Over the years there has developed a belief that people in more developed and richer countries were no happier than their counterparts in poorer less developed countries. Turns out this is not true, it seems that the old adage that you can never be too rich, too good looking or too smart has a ring…

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This Is Water

This is a piece by David Foster Wallace. I believe that it is part of a commencement address he gave to Kenyon College a small US college. Someone took his address and turned it into this interesting little short film.

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Alien Invasion And Your Retirement

Apparently, this was a topic for discussion among for attendees at a symposium on the sustainability of retirement in the US. I kid thee not…. At a recent University of Pennsylvania symposium on the future of the retirement system, Hodgson raised just that possibility — the risk of a malevolent alien invasion. (Imagine the Capitol-zapping invaders…

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What HFT Looks Like

This fascinating little animation is from Nanex who monitor HFT trading. It looks at 0.5 of a second of trading in Johnson and Johnson. When watching it remember this is a 1/2 second which is less than the time between beats of your heart. I have included their explanation below the video. The bottom box…

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Volunteer Mentors

I was fortunate that I grew up in a time when those coming to Australia looking for a new start were largely welcomed. The notion of a fair go was still commonplace and this idea of a fair go did not have the sharp racial divide that it has now. In the spirit of this…

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Math As Myth

For all of the appearances of the golden ratio, there many be even more erroneous sightings of it. The spiral of the nautilus’ shell is often said to fit precisely within a golden rectangle regardless of its size. But that is untrue. Each nautilus shell does maintain the same proportions throughout the animal’s life (that…

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