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So You Want To Be A Trader

The typical evolution of a trader goes something like this. You have read a few magazines  perhaps bought a few shares you may even have seen Wall Street on video. You go to bed Sunday night, wake up Monday morning and decide that you are a stock market trader. Not too implausible you think, after…

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Chart Of The Day

For some reason these drop into an email account I keep for getting rubbish. These are the guys who have the tendency to do odd things such as measure the current P/E of the S&P500 in turnips and then try and make some prognostication about the number of turnips now versus 16,000 years ago. I…

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There Are Good Rules And There Are Bad Rules

Whilst having breakfast I came across this blurb from an individual who is wanting to move from the sell side of the industry to the advisory/money management. These are his rules for investing – Industries are under-analyzed, relative to the market on the whole, and relative to individual companies. Spend time trying to find good…

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Our current mentor program is one week as of today and before the program began we had a number of people literally begging us to let them in early so they wouldn’t miss out on a place when bookings opened. Here is the interesting thing – the people we have had ask for a refund…

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How Do You Know?

Someone bounced me the following quote from a newsletter by Richard Russell who is regarded in the US as somewhat of a doyen of predictive technical analysis. The worst kind of market is a market that goes down on good news. As I write, optimism is in the air, and the Dow is down 95…

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The Year So Far

An interesting year so far with all the usual suspects popping up. The one that interests me is Lumber since it can be viewed as a leading indicator in terms of economic recovery if you are into that sort of thing. You can see from the chart below that lumber collapsed before the US housing…

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