Gutnick Goes Bust

I read with interest last week that Joseph Gutnick had gone bust; apparently he owes some $275 million to various creditors and has about $15 to his name. I read this with a touch of nostalgia because it was Astro Mining that got me started in this business more than three decades ago. It also…

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Your Favourite Pet Rock

Now that gold has shown a little bit of life along with the various other precious metals my junk mail folder is awash with the requisite number of peanuts trumpeting that gold is the single best investment class in the history of the universe. Which is at complete odds with reality that gold is neither…

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How To Make It

From the archive of the Lefsetz Letter which although proclaiming to be about the music industry talks about much more. DESIRE Making it can’t be some thing, it’s got to be the ONLY THING. You’re gonna want to sacrifice, but you’re gonna have to forgo more than that, miss out on parties, on social rituals,…

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Amidst the crowd brawling, diving, flare throwing and general yawnfest that is any soccer tournament came the wonderfully refreshing Icelanders who not only embarrassed the English but gave us their compelling Viking chant.  

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Move On Quickly From Regrets Using This Writing Instruction

Working on self-esteem is not the best way to move on from regrets. “Imagine that you are talking to yourself about this regret from a compassionate and understanding perspective. What would you say?” That is the writing instruction used in a new study which found that self-compassion helps people move on from regrets.  Being kind…

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When new traders move into the arena of trading they face several functional difficulties such as how do markets work, what are the subtle difference between markets and most importantly how does one design and implement a system that is some way logic and effective. If someone manages to navigate this maze and become in…

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