Critical Thinking 101

One of the issues that bedevil us as both humans and traders is our ability to think clearly and rationally about subjects. We are prone to making snap judgments based upon the flimsiest of evidence. I get any and all manner of rubbish sent to me – some of it by people who should know…

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The Tantalizing Links between Gut Microbes and the Brain

Microbes and the brain have rarely been thought to interact except in instances when pathogens penetrate the blood–brain barrier—the cellular fortress protecting the brain against infection and inflammation. When they do, they can have strong effects: the virus that causes rabies elicits aggression, agitation and even a fear of water. But for decades, the vast…

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This Is Interesting.

The good folks at Hedge Fund Research Inc produce a small cornucopia of data on the performance of hedge funds across a variety of categories. It is not the most riveting read but then pages of data metrics are not really supposed to be. However, the wealth of data does allow you to extract various pieces…

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Restoring Confidence After Losing

This is from a boxing and conditioning coach Ross Enamait who I find to be a bit of the go to bloke for old school conditioning. It might not seem relevant but substitute the voice of a coach for the voice that occurs inside your own head and all of a sudden it becomes relevant…

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Importance of Simple Forecasting Methods

As long ago as the fourth century B.C., scientists have argued in favor of simplicity. Perhaps the most familiar expression of the importance of simplicity for science is the 14th century formulation known as Occam’s razor, a line of reasoning that holds that the simplest answer is often correct. The preference for simplicity in science…

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How Athletes Can Stay ‘Fast After 50’

As we get older, most of us get slower. But aging athletes may be able to stave off those changes more successfully than most people realize. That’s the conclusion that Joe Friel, a celebrated triathlete, coach and author, reaches in his new book, “Fast After 50.” As he approached his 70th birthday, Mr. Friel began…

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Daniel Kahneman on Intuition and the Outside View

Michael Mauboussin: When does intuition work or fail? Daniel Kahneman: Intuition works less often than we think. There is no such thing as professional “expertise.” The Intuitions in chess masters develop with “big data” comes from experience. For people, the immediacy of feedback is especially important to learn the basis of expertise. When feedback comes…

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