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Starting Date Is Everything.

I have written before that starting date is everything when we are looking at comparing the performance of instruments. Fudging starting dates is a favourite trick of fund managers when trying to make their fund look good, they simply hunt around for a starting date that makes them look good and then runs with that.…

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A Born Natural?

NO-ONE WAS ‘born a natural’ at trading. It’s something you have to work at every day. You must chip away the rough edges to reveal the perfect trading plan. Sand back the psychological misadventures, before you can glide into profits. You end up falling in love with the messy process that trading is. Whenever I…

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WE ALL LOSE OUR way sometimes. Even after you’ve nailed this trading game, and you’ve come out on top, sometimes it seems like the universe likes to screw with you and make you feel like life is a big Jenga game. The only constant with this is YOU. You’re the one in the screenplay of…

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Push from the Front

MANY YEARS AGO, when I had a ‘real job’, I used to run a department where a bunch of reporters would call up companies and update their credit histories. Graduates, straight out of business school. Young, hopeful, and enthusiastic. A top entry job, with a bright future assured. I remember I was holding an interview…

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Safe Havens

Within trading there are a few implicitly stated rules – perhaps first and foremost of these is the acceptance of risk for the opportunity to profit. The balancing act between risk and reward has over the decades been fertile ground for academics to traders. Academics seek a mythical middle ground that defines an appropriate balance…

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Attention, Social Interaction, and Investor Attraction to Lottery Stocks

We test the hypothesis that retail investors’ attraction to lottery stocks induces overvaluation, and is amplified by high attention and social interactions. The lottery premium (negative abnormal returns) is stronger for high-retail-ownership stocks—especially those that also have high analyst coverage, high latest absolute earnings surprises, or extreme recent positive returns. The premium is also larger…

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