Bank Failures

One of the things that is most surprising about any form of financial crisis is the degree of surprise that market participants display at its unfolding. You can see this scene play at present with the recent collapse of Silicon Valley bank and the current nervousness that surrounds U S regional banks. What new players…

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Dark Side of the Moon’ at 50

….Storm Thorgerson and George Hardie’s image of a light shining through a prism and emerging as a spectrum of color—pitched dead center, slightly raised, cast against a black backdrop—is probably the most famous in rock history. You can find it just about anywhere, in myriad objects: T-shirts at Walmart, bumper stickers, bedding, sneakers, stained glass, and lower back tattoos. While writing…

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Market Wizard Quotes

A few reminders – “Don’t focus on making money; focus on protecting what you have.” – Paul Tudor Jones (Market Wizards) “The key to successful trading is emotional discipline.” – Richard Dennis (Market Wizards) “The game taught me the game. And it didn’t spare me rod while teaching.” – Ed Seykota (Market Wizards) “The four…

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How Language Shapes Our Perception of Reality

Does an English speaker perceive reality differently from say, a Swahili speaker? Does language shape our thoughts and change the way we think? Maybe. The idea that the words, grammar, and metaphors we use result in our differing perceptions of experiences have long been a point of contention for linguists. But just how much impact…

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Are Markets More Volatile Today?

When analyzing markets, we often make pronouncements based on our experience and observations, rather than collected evidence. Recently, a fund manager suggested in an interview I saw on Twitter that due to the high market volatility caused by the increase in information flow that investors are subjected to, the market should only be open for…

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ARKK Of The Damned

Here is a quick quiz. Hands up if you thought that during the previous calendar year, the chart below was a buy. If you answered yes then there is something wrong with you but you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Among the 234 thematic ETFs on offer ARKK took…

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Minerals Are Crucial For Electric Cars and Wind Turbines

Over 20 years ago, two geologists made a stark prediction in Scientific American: “Probably within 10 years,” they wrote, “global production of conventional oil will begin to decline.” This argument, which became known as “peak oil,” captured public attention for well over a decade, sparking worries that abundant reserves of oil would give way to scarcity, runs…

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Inside Wall Street’s Gloom-and-Doom Racket

Beyond popping up as talking heads on cable news, Wall Street analysts and economists serve an important purpose helping to guide the financial decisions of a wide array of investors — from average Americans worried about retirement to large institutions deciding where to put billions of dollars. At its best, Wall Street’s coterie of experts…

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