Gann Told Me

Apparently when the planets align and you get home from the emergency room because you put a pencil up you nose this is a chart that makes you go short…. So how did that work out for you?

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When I Was A Broker…..

I was constantly amazed at how brokers via their analysts were constantly telling other businesses how to run their business. This was amazing to me because outside of any and all aspects of the Greek economy, stockbroking firms were the worst run businesses I had ever seen. What is interesting is that this unsolicited advice…

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Apparently some folks took some form of offence at my last video. Its seems the mention of macrame upset some professional macrame players/twiddlers/wankers or whatever you call people who are offended by taking the piss out of macrema.

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Human Extinction

Well this is depressing but it looks at risk which is central to our business… The Atlantic……Bostrom, who directs Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute, has argued over the course of several papers that human extinction risks are poorly understood and, worse still, severely underestimated by society. Some of these existential risks are fairly well known, especially…

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WTF IS Going On With These People

If I remember correctly Robert Prechter was once quoted as saying the Dow was going to 100 points. I must have missed it if it did. The issue here is that if you are constantly bearish and calling the end of the world sooner or later you will be right. Its a bit like being…

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Academia Is Late To The Party Again….

This article popped into my inbox this morning – Where the Black Swans Hide & the 10 Best Days Myth Here is the abstract – Below we examine market outliers in financial markets. How much effect do these outliers have on long term performance? Can the investor prepare for these anomalies, or are they truly…

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