Envy of the World….Maybe….Maybe Not

This snippet popped up on my Linkedin feed last week as a single headline – I didn’t know where it was from but eventually tracked it down to the AFR. As you can see it trumpeted the fact that the Australian market is one of the highest yielding in the world. I have to admit…

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How Our Strengths Shape Our Trading Psychology

In this article, we will learn about our personal strengths and how those shape our development as participants in financial markets. Years of working with portfolio managers and traders have taught me that the greatest performers are not those without weaknesses, but those who maximize distinctive cognitive and personality strengths. But what are our strengths,…

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Ban Short Selling….Are You Mental?

Apparently Australian Stock Report is circulating a petition to ban short selling. The rationale for this is as follows – Recently, we have seen billions of dollars wiped from global and Australian equities markets in part due to the practice of Short Selling. This predatory trading technique is often executed in conjunction with algorithmic “bot trading”…

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Flogging A Dead Horse

One of the things that perpetually surprises me about trading and investing is the amount of absolute and utter rubbish that is spouted by people as if it were fact. The Dunning-Kruger effect is in full swing in market commentary and advice. This is old ground to those of you who are regular readers so…

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Why We Hate Simplicity

I have been trying for years to get myself and other healthcare professionals comfortable with simplicity in our assessments and treatments. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve been very successful as I constantly find myself confronted with many who over-complicate what they do and why they do it. Why is this? Why do so many physios…

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“Reality” is Constructed By Your Brain.

“It’s really important to understand we’re not seeing reality,” says neuroscientist Patrick Cavanagh, a research professor at Dartmouth College and a senior fellow at Glendon College in Canada. “We’re seeing a story that’s being created for us.” Most of the time, the story our brains generate matches the real, physical world — but not always.…

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Seriously….WTF Does This Even Mean?

I can understand why people misunderstand what technical analysis is when they are confronted by immensely confusion gibberish such as shown below. This is a snip from the normally informative site – consider the breakout box on the right-hand side which is titled Barchart Technical Opinion. I have two questions – what is a…

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How Do We Measure Results?

Before I begin, I am going to pose a little test. Imagine you are an investor who sees a fund that promises astronomical returns based upon hypothetical trades. So you fall for the marketing hype and invest by the end of year one the fund has fulfilled its promise and your account is up 100%.…

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Curious about Our Mentor Program?

  Then you need to register for Priority Notification, so you can learn more, and get a heap of free trading resources. The Trading Mentor Program is a 6-month, repeat-for-free course. Become a superb trader, across every time frame, and with every instrument. We give you our personal secrets and tricks to help you can develop…

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