The Mentor Program is Opening for Bookings Next Week

  THERE ARE ONLY a few days to go before we open up for booking for the 2022 Mentor Program. The Mentor Program is a 6-month, repeat-for-free, comprehensive training course for traders of all levels. The Mentor Program kicks off in February 2022, but we open for bookings on Thursday 4th November. To get access,…

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Life since the coronavirus pandemic has been a lot to swallow. But in terms of how to cope and carry on, the best first step may indeed be accepting the realities we’ve faced, however difficult or grim. In Japan, the concept of acceptance is fundamental to the traditional culture. There are many Japanese words that translate to…

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Artificial Intelligence and Trading

The next time you come across a piece either in the financial press or on social media touting the wonders of artificial intelligence (whatever that means) for trading consider this piece from the UK where a motorist was fined because the AI responsible for dishing out penalty notices confused the T-shirt of a woman walking…

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The Cure For FOMO

We have this tendency to revere quotes by famous dead people even when they steer us down the wrong path. Here’s one… Nothing so undermines your financial judgement as the sight of your neighbor getting rich. – J. P. Morgan Morgan was a bully and an egotist so of course this was his take –…

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China’s Energy Crisis

Today at a Glance: China’s energy crisis is best understood through the simple, Econ 101 lens of supply and demand, with a particular focus on the coal market. Demand-side drivers primarily include a booming recovery from COVID-19 lows and a hotter-than-normal year that increased residential power usage. Supply-side drivers include coal shortages, import restrictions, utility…

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Curse our names at the fortune of it. The blind absurdity of these cars gathered together for two days of driving, 48 blissful hours on the edge of autumn at Lime Rock Park. Our own personal legends at our disposal, keys in hand. We invited the machines that made us. Icons that have defined Road & Track across…

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Sniff Out Hidden Profits

  To get into the Mentor Program, you need to register for Priority Notification. Make a pact with yourself now that no matter what the economy is doing, you’re determined to become an ultra-versatile trader capable of sniffing out hidden profits in the sharemarket. It’s that’s what you’re after, we can show you how to…

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Can ‘Smart Thinking’ Books Really Give You The Edge?

The world out there can often seem as though it is hurtling to hell in a handcart: people are refusing safe vaccines for a dangerous disease, extreme weather events caused by global heating are on TV nightly, billionaires are shooting themselves into the stratosphere in penis-shaped spacecraft while record numbers of the precariously employed rely…

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Why You Should Always Switch

One of the most famous television game shows from the heyday of the genre from the 1950s to the 1980s was Let’s Make a Deal. Its host, Monty Hall, achieved a second kind of fame when a dilemma in probability theory, loosely based on the show, was named after him. A contestant is faced with three…

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