Before and After Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry himself would be the first to admit he didn’t invent rock ’n’ roll, but he came to define it in a series of iconic singles made between 1955 and 1959. Mr. Berry wrote almost all his hits himself, and he drew from the music he loved — from the blues and boogie to…

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Surgeons Should Not Look Like Surgeons

Say you had the choice between two surgeons of similar rank in the same department in some hospital. The first is highly refined in appearance; he wears silver-rimmed glasses, has a thin built, delicate hands, a measured speech, and elegant gestures. His hair is silver and well combed. He is the person you would put…

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A Rant….Again

I like to open all my office windows when I can and since my office sits at the front of the house I get to hear the sounds of my suburb and you get used to the background noise. So I was surprised a few weeks ago to hear the sound of pan flutes gently…

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A Basic Misunderstanding

The chart below is from a site called Spurious Correlations, it takes seemingly disparate facts and matches them together to create the illusion of a positive correlation. It is a simple and effective way of illustrating the problem of mistaking causation for correlation which is constant problem in the way people both think and view…

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Downer EDI

Here is a chart of Downer EDI (Dow) If you bounced into this on the breakout from congestion well done, you got a nice trade and then it all went pear shaped. DOW have apparently launched a bid for Spotless which I mentioned last week. This bid entails a capital raising whereby for every 5 existing…

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Why Are Martial Arts Instructors Fat?

This was the question I was considering whilst sitting in my gyms cafe after my workout watching the various comings and goings. I tend to live a life of routine and after lifting on Sunday I head downstairs to cafe and have a cup of tea, toast, vegemite and a fresh orange juice. During this…

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Insisting on perfect safety is for people who don’t have the balls to live in the real world. Mary Shafer -NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA SR-71 Flying Qualities Lead Engineer I stumbled across this quote and thought it was the most perfect description of what is required for trading. If you dont have…

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The secret to happiness? Stop trying to be happy.

A few minutes after Neil Pasricha learned his wife Leslie was expecting their first child, he got an idea for a book. They were sitting on a plane returning to Canada from a trip to Asia when a flight attendant handed them a plastic-wrapped muffin with a scrap of paper that read, “Congratulations!” Leslie had…

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Ok…..Im Confused

This popped up on my feed this morning. Long story made short. All analysts say Spotless is a bust, one analyst says no you are all dickheads – its actually worth $1.15. Spotless halves and then through a fluke gets a takeover bid lifting prices to $1.05. Analyst who said it was worth $1.15 is hailed…

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Playing Versus Doing

A mate of mine sent me the clip below. I am an unabashed fan of combat sports. I accept that they are violent in tone and to the outsider appear brutal with potentially devastating long term consequences for the participants. Anyone who has ever been hit in the head can attest to how awful it…

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