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What Does It Mean?

I posted a variation of this chart yesterday and I was thinking about it last night as to how people would interpret its relevance. I could construct a narrative that went along the lines of the market is congesting and therefore should opt for not adding to any of my current US positions. Alternatively I…

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Quick Look

Before I do a formal data run in an hour or so I thought it might be interesting to look at some interim charts.  At our last Mentor Program get together I tried to instil that trading is a profession of listening and waiting. In my opinion it is not a profession of doing really…

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The Agony And The Ecstasy

JP Morgans rather dramatically titled EYE ON THE MARKET Special Edition is an interesting read but probably not for the reasons they had hoped. Essentially the piece is an advertisement for diversification within a portfolio and is one of those wonderful documents that analysts get paid to produce.  From a philosophical standpoint I agree with the…

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Clever Clogs

I have posted this before but I am still staggered at the amount of intellectual capacity captured in a single photograph. For interest sake Marie Curie is only one of three people to have been awarded the Nobel Prize twice and the only person to win it in two separate disciplines. I dont count Linus Pauling…

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Just when I thought something really really interesting was going to happen……nothing. Oh well maybe tomorrow. I have to admit I do like congesting markets simply because they tell you so much.

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Drawdowns And Resilience

There are two things that I regard as permanent fixtures of trading – drawdowns and the need for resilience. People come to trading all bright and enthusiastic with the belief that their equity will resemble a lunar launch – it will go straight up and never come down. When this magical state of affairs does…

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I have a view that we never really had a true mining boom – we have a mining infrastructure boom which is a very different thing. This infrastructure boom was predicated on a small upswing in demand from China – it was not based upon an explosion in commodities prices which would have been symptomatic…

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