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Careful Who You Let Into Your Head

I try to maintain fairly diversified reading habits. I am a believer that some of the best books about trading never mention trading but rather deal with people and their fallibilities and their successes. I have just finished The Dirt – a biography of 1980’s hair metal band Motley Crue. The back cover of the…

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The New Yorker is getting a bit of a workout this morning – I must be bored. Are speculative bubbles good for the economy? With much of the developed world still suffering the after-effects of the great housing and credit bubble, it might sound like a trick question. On Friday, however, at the annual conference…

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Here are a few of the things that can make you hungry: seeing, smelling, reading, or even thinking about food. Hearing music that reminds you of a good meal. Walking by a place where you once ate something good. Even after you’ve just had a hearty lunch, imagining something delicious can make you salivate. Being…

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NASDAQ 100 Market Internals

I posted this in the Alumni section of our Mentor program forum yesterday and thought I would drop it into the blog for others to see. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————   I have just done the Market wrap segment for Talking Trading and as you would expect part of the focus was on the US and the difficulty…

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The Lefsetz Letter – Flash Boys Rule

I am fan of and subscriber to the Lefsetz Letter – a music industry commentary by Bob Lefstez who has been around longer than I have . Interestingly, a lot of his commentary is about issues that are wider than music alone. This is to be expected because music is both a social and technological…

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Ferrari F12

My opinion of the latest Ferrari’s is slowly changing – I thought the Modena was the high point of their recent designs but this one looks pretty good. Although they do still seem to be built for Hobbits.    

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NASDAQ…. Again

Within trading one of the things that is often missing is the need for perspective, the noise that accompanies the markets generally obscures what is actually happening. It also forces upon traders an unnecessary granularity on both their analysis and their emotional response. If you were anywhere vaguely near a radio, tv, website or paper…

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Wall Street’s Brightest Minds Reveal……

Whilst, munching through my tea and toast this morning I came across the screaming headline Wall Street’s Brightest Minds Reveal THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARTS IN THE WORLD. My initial response was I doubt that and upon opening the link I my initial doubts were confirmed. What should have tipped me off was the expression Wall Streets Brightest…

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What Next For Behavioural Economics?

The past decade has been a triumph for behavioural economics, the fashionable cross-breed of psychology and economics. First there was the award in 2002 of the Nobel Memorial Prize in economics to a psychologist, Daniel Kahneman – the man who did as much as anything to create the field of behavioural economics. Bestselling books were…

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Manipulate Me: The Booming Business in Behavioral Finance

It’s hard to find a place today where concepts of behavioral finance aren’t being applied to real-world situations. From London to Washington to Sydney, governments are experimenting with the psychology of decision-making and trying to “nudge” citizens toward better behaviors, whether that means saving more for retirement or signing an organ donation card. Meanwhile, businesses…

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At the risk of enhancing stereotypes or inflaming passions I give you the following graphic. Each dot on the graphic indicates where Americans think Ukraine is. Interestingly a large number stuck it in the US itself and some particularly misguided souls dropped it into the Outback. Source – The Washington Post  

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