The Art Of Being Uncomfortable.

Yesterday LB and I caught up with Mark B one of our original Mentor Program graduates for lunch. As one might expect the conversation turned to trading and Mark made the excellent point that trading is about managing being uncomfortable. This discomfort can come at any time in the trading process and the trader has…

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S&P/ASX 200 Analysis

My junk email folder is a magnet what I would call examples of shit market analysis. For reasons unknown to me several times a week I get emails detailing a given point of analysis on either the entire market or a given instrument. What interests me about the analysis I receive is how irrelevant they…

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Doesnt Happen If You Trade

Often I look around and am surprised that it s actually 2016 and not 1966. This is particularly true when you look at the Conservative side of politics where many of their ilk would still like banks to shut at 2.30pm, for there to be a photograph of the Queen in every school and government…

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How Does a Mathematician’s Brain Differ from That of a Mere Mortal?

Alan Turing, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, John Nash—these “beautiful” minds never fail to enchant the public, but they also remain somewhat elusive. How do some people progress from being able to perform basic arithmetic to grasping advanced mathematical concepts and thinking at levels of abstraction that baffle the rest of the population? Neuroscience has now…

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A Journalist Gets It Wrong….Again

Whilst I am away I have the annoying habit of looking at other peoples newspapers over breakfast. If there is anything that interests me I make a note in Evernote and then go back and do a bit of reading. Actually a very rare occurrence that I go see anything worth doing any further thinking…

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