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More ETF Magic

About the only joyous thing about Christmas is that there is a marked slowdown in the amount of junk  mail that hits my inbox. And to be honest I do miss the emails telling me that people have the ideal job for or that Svetlana from Kokshetau in Kazakhstan is desperate to send me pictures of…

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The Pot-Belly of Ignorance

What you allow to leak into your head is immensely important. Increasingly, we’re filling our heads with soundbites, the mental equivalent of junk. Over a day or even a week, the changes, like those to our belly, are barely noticeable. However, if we extend the timeline to months and years, we face a worrying reality…

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A Metric For Success

One of the joys of experience is experience – you get to see all manner of things and from these these observations you can generalise a series of rules about life in general. A subset of these observations naturally relate to trading and what they have enabled me to do is to with a high…

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It Was Going So Well

As followers of the blog will know I have been using my copious free time to experiment with building a new system from the ground up and then testing it live. There is no point testing new theories and ideas within the electronic purity of a computer program unless you are going to put actual…

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Perception Versus Reality

I was digging through my archive of data related junk when I came across the regular (yearly) series called Perils of Perception by Ipsos MORI I was going to include one of the slides from the 2016 deck but the resolution was quite low so I decided to reformat it to make it clearer. The slide I…

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You Are A Fantasist

In the current edition of New Scientist they have a feature piece on the seemingly endless array of contradictions psychological and intellectual that are contained within each of us and chief among these is the notion that we are the hero’s of our own narrative. Or as they put it we are all fantasist with…

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The Irrationality Within Us

We like to think of ourselves as special because we can reason and we like to think that this ability expresses the essence of what it is to be human. In many ways this belief has formed our civilization; throughout history, we have used supposed differences in rationality to justify moral and political distinctions between…

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Are CEO’s Worth It?

The answer is probably not – much is written about the outrageous levels of CEO pay and how little actual performance most of them deliver. Bloomberg do a  survey of the Top 100 most effective CEO’s in terms of the bang for buck they deliver for the company. I have taken the results of the…

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Well Shit…..That Was Interesting

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that I am a little keen on things such as flotation tanks as a recover methodology Well the folks who run my float tank centre recently installed a cryotherapy chamber and I thought it would be a good idea to go an experience…

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