If you want a powerful speaker and motivator to light up your function or podcast, you can’t go past Louise Bedford. Louise Bedford is a best-selling author of five books on the Australian sharemarket and is available for podcast interviews, keynote presentations and video appearances.

If you’re on a mission to inspire, motivate and focus your traders – then you need Louise on your team.


Best-Selling Books:
Trading Secrets, Charting Secrets, The Secret of Candlestick Charting, The Secret of Writing Options, Let the Trade Wins Flow.

Podcasts Featuring Louise:
Talking Trading, NabTrade, Real Life Trading, the Trading Nut podcast, Equity Mates and Desire to Trade.

Magazines Featuring Louise:
Your Trading Edge, YMag, My Business, also featured in the Australian Financial Review.

Keynote Presentations:
International Federation of Technical Analysts, Australian Investors Association, Australian Shareholders Association, Australian Technical Analysts Association.

What Louise Can Do For You:
Promote your event/podcast to her 5000+ Facebook fans, 2000+ LinkedIn associates, 33,000 Trading Game database members, and 10,000+ Talking Trading podcast listeners. Plus, you’ll feature on Louise’s ‘In the Press’ web page to help your SEO.


  • Develop a Bullet-Proof Trading Plan.
  • The Imposter Complex – How to Beat The Nagging Voice of Doubt Threatening to Sabotage You.
  • Men vs Women – Who Wins in the Trading Gender War?
  • Deep Trading Survival – Who Wins, Who Dies and Who is Just Mediocre?
  • Avoid the “I Just Got Lucky” Trading Plan.
  • What to Do When Your Employer Doesn’t Want You Anymore.
  • Overcoming Adversity – How I Traded With a Pen in My Mouth For Years, After Losing The Use of My Arms.
  • Beware of Decision Fatigue – How to Keep Your Energy at an All-Time High and Achieve Exceptional Trading Results.
  • The Top 5 Things People Stuff Up in Their Trading Plans.
  • Why Performance Pressure Will Squash Your Trading Results.
  • High-Performance Trading – Do This and Don’t Do That.
  • Fear Will Suffocate You But Action Can Liberate You. Control Your Ego or Suffer The Consequences.

So contact Louise with your project today, to scope out how she can inspire your audience with her own particular brand of warmth and flair.