Mail Bag

It is always interesting when your email is publicly available – this means that sometimes the public writes to you and today was no exception.  My winner for email of the week is the chap who wrote to me today and see he was suspicious of financial markets because his broker was spying on him…

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Is The Market Overvalued?

This is a question that tends to get posed at boardrooms and dinner parties any time the market has had an extended run. Whenever, someone poses this question to me, my immediate and somewhat flippant answer is don’t know and don’t care. My response is based upon the notion that I feel it is the…

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Motivation Monday

I feel for this young bloke. He is obviously trying to get his life in order but like all of us he gets in his own way. It is a longer video than I would normally post and it took me a few goes to get through it but it is worth it.    …

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And You Think Trading Is A Tough Gig…

During the course of his career, Mr. Needham said in a speech at the Academy Awards in 2012, he broke 56 bones, including his back twice. He punctured a lung, had a shoulder replaced and knocked out several teeth. He invented several new stunt methods and devices — among them the introduction of air bags…

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Are We There Yet?

Whilst travelling during the week I was asked by someone what is the single most practical thing a trader can do to give themselves an edge. The question has an easy answer – trade in the direction of the prevailing trend. As easy as it is most people ignore it completely and all fund managers…

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Interview With Richard Thaler

We are rational, self-interested optimizers: Homo economicus. So the neoclassical model of economics has held for over a century. It has been a fruitful model, at the heart of the discipline’s most profound theories, predictions and policy prescriptions. According to Richard Thaler, it is also flawed. Humans in the real world, Thaler points out, behave…

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Blue Chip Portfolio

There has been a bit of chatter on the Mentor forum about the philosophy of buying blue chip portfolios so I thought I would generate a simple table of  the maximum drawdown experienced by each of the ASX 20 since 2000.   As you can see the drawdowns are for the most part horrendous with…

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Do Investors Have Too Much Information?

This is the title of a CNN Money article. The issue is in many ways hidden by the title and the accepted belief that we live in an era where information overload is the default setting for any and all activities. Undoubtedly information overload is an issue for traders. This is a natural consequence of…

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