How Do We Perceive Risk?

In the 1960s, a rapid rise in nuclear technologies aroused unexpected panic in the public. Despite repeated affirmations from the scientific community that these technologies were indeed safe, the public feared both long-term dangers to the environment as well as immediate radioactive disasters. The disjunction between the scientific evidence about and public perception of these…

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A free Breakthrough event for you…

If you made a decision today to double your income or your turnover — how long would that actually take to achieve? A year? 6 months? I have a friend who specialises in achieving these breakthroughs with his clients. His name is Rik Schnabel and he teaches NLP, Life Coaching, Speaking and Trainers Training here…

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The history of global economics… in football shirts

This is fascinating. From Japanese electronics to reckless banks and middle eastern airlines, the fate of Premier League shirt sponsors has been tied closely to that of the world economy. West Ham United was the latest club to be sideswiped by the financial markets this month when its main commercial backer, foreign exchange dealer Alpari, was…

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Progress Not Perfection

I am coming back to an old theme – the notion of character in trading. Recently, I have heard several conservations about how to deal with a series of losses or an extended period of drawdown. The nature of these conversations all had something in common, whether there was a magic technique to help traders…

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Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups…. The recent fall out from the movement in the CHF has been interesting to watch. If ever you wanted to clear out the retail FX space I dont think anyone could have come up with a better plan than the actions of the SNB, it was a…

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