I want to make rules, not follow them

The nice people at MoneyMagazine published one of Louise’s articles this month, called “I want to make rules, not follow them.” This is what they said: “A devastating medical condition set Louise Bedford, author of five books on the stockmarket, podcaster and behavioural finance expert, on a new wealth-creating path.” Get prepared for a huge…

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How A Simple Free Chart Could Have Saved SVB

One of the great myths you have, when you are young, is that adults are reasonably competent and vaguely skilled at what they are supposed to be doing. As you grow into adulthood yourself you are quickly disavowed of this naive belief as you realised that the majority of adults in the majority of roles…

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How to Find Joy in Your Sisyphean Existence

Sisyphus, the king of Ephyra, was renowned in Greek mythology for his ingenuity; indeed, so clever was he that he cheated death twice, angering the gods. They took their revenge by condemning Sisyphus to eternal torment in the underworld: He had to roll a huge boulder up a hill. When he reached the top, the stone would…

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Bank Failures

One of the things that is most surprising about any form of financial crisis is the degree of surprise that market participants display at its unfolding. You can see this scene play at present with the recent collapse of Silicon Valley bank and the current nervousness that surrounds U S regional banks. What new players…

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Dark Side of the Moon’ at 50

….Storm Thorgerson and George Hardie’s image of a light shining through a prism and emerging as a spectrum of color—pitched dead center, slightly raised, cast against a black backdrop—is probably the most famous in rock history. You can find it just about anywhere, in myriad objects: T-shirts at Walmart, bumper stickers, bedding, sneakers, stained glass, and lower back tattoos. While writing…

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Market Wizard Quotes

A few reminders – “Don’t focus on making money; focus on protecting what you have.” – Paul Tudor Jones (Market Wizards) “The key to successful trading is emotional discipline.” – Richard Dennis (Market Wizards) “The game taught me the game. And it didn’t spare me rod while teaching.” – Ed Seykota (Market Wizards) “The four…

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