When fighters go to ground some MMA matches can be as exciting as watching two sloths go the grope in the back of a Morris Elite. This however, is not one of those.

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Still Sideways

Despite the euphoria of those who are proclaiming the worst is over on the back of a single positive day – this chart is enlightening. Sometimes it is worthwhile removing as much noise from the chart as possible., Until we break this range one way or another I am not convinced about anything……

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The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out

I dug this out of my archive of stuff. Feynman is one of my academic hero’s. In a world seemingly filled to the brim with the worship of the ordinary and the stupid. I think  it is essential to remind ourselves that there have been people who were neither stupid nor ordinary. If you dont…

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Least Value

Neat graphic from Bloomberg on the relative value that CEO’s bring to financial organisations. It pretty much tracks a study I read in the 1980’s which stated quite bluntly that the worst performing companies have the highest paid executives.

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Hedge Fund Wizards

I mentioned the other day that I had started reading Hedge Fund Wizards and I have to admit it is a little flat. Whislt, I am only part way through I have noticed a few things. Firstly, Schwager seems to have fallen into the hedge fund myth. The forward to the book gives the impression…

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This Country Is Stuffed

If you have ever wondered why this country is stuffed consider this little incident from the weekend. Yesterday was the mid point meeting of our Mentor Program, during the lunch break LB and I are busy doing stuff in the room and dont have time to go down to the restaurant for lunch. To fix…

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No Love For Stocks

Snipped this out of the WSJ It follows on from a discussion we have been having in the Mentor Program about the impact of longer term changes in volumes might have on the market. To be honest I ma not certain what to make of it. Whether it reflects a structural change in the market…

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