Wall Street relies on “stock analysts.” These are people who do research on companies and then, no matter what they find, even if the company has burned to the ground, enthusiastically recommend that investors buy the stock. They are just a bunch of cockeyed optimists, those stock analysts. When the Titanic was in its death…

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XJO Context

I thought I would post two versions of my XJO context file. This is the longer term view – as you can see a very ordinary congesting market that has been range trading for close to a year. This is the context view compressed and I wanted to talk about signals within this chop. The…

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Its Friday

Walmart is a uniquely American experience. However, I am certain that not paying enough attention at school would lead to the same life outcomes here. If you have a little bloke not paying attention at school simply show them this as an example of what awaits them in the future.

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Idiots Abroad

So I am reclining last night reading the latest issue of New Scientist when I come across an article referring to Indian rationalist Sanal Edamaruku.  Edamaruku is a sort of Indian James Randi in that he looks at claims made by superstitious idiots and then promptly points out that they are superstitious idiots….my kinda guy……

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Neat Photo

Found this on the google box. Looks like he is cleaning/power cleaning about 90kg – not bad for a bloke with one leg. So how is the sooking about being too tired to work out going…..

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Dollar Cost Averaging….Another Stupid Idea

Today’s contribution comes from Scott Lowther our system tester/designer extraordinaire…..   I did something the other day that I have not done in a long time, I succumbed and read one of those main stream media articles on investing, and how dollar cost averaging pays off. Since completing the Mentor program in 2007, I normally…

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Higher Education And Digital Technology

I have been a fan of the Khan Academy since I first encountered it – it seems to me that digital delivery of education has a different agenda to traditional education. Digital is about teaching – traditional is about credentials and the provision of degrees.  

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Idiot By Line Of The Day

For some reason I get a copy of Your Trading Edge sent to me on a regular basis and generally after a quick scan to see how far people can drop into superstition and magical thinking it goes in the bin. Not this week because one article contains a by line so staggeringly ironic that…

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As you would expect I keep a file of all world indices but I call this file a context file in that it has no information other than price and a few coloured lines. The reason I do this is simply to remove as much noise as possible and to get a sense of what…

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WTF These Blokes Talking About?

Von Neumann, Feynman and Ulam sitting around bullshitting to one another. If Feynman is involved then its probably about safe cracking or girls…… If you want to make yourself smarter google those three names and be prepared to be amazed at how clever some bastards are…

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