Oh Dear…..Part One

I actually saw this article the other day whilst having breakfast after training. The opening point so caught my eye that I had to find the original source article and see if it was correct – my looking over someones shoulder guess was that is was not. The article begins with a somewhat staggering claim…

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Grouses Of The Holy

Yet this is not the case. Finding Led Zeppelin on the radio today is no more difficult than it was in 1973. If you stroll around the campus of any state college, the likelihood of finding kids wearing Zeppelin T-shirts mirrors the likelihood of finding kids trying to buy weed. This summer, British fashion designer…

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Where to buy Louise Bedford’s Books

I don’t mind where you get my books from, as long as you get a copy, and implement the concepts as fast as you can. There are so many great spots to buy my books. To make things easier I thought I’d let you know some other locations where you can hunt them down. However,…

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Interesting Chart Of The Day

When I run an explorer over an collection of stocks it has a number of benchmarks that a stock has to hit before being considered a potential trade. In addition to this standard exploration I also run what I call a dirty or bare bones scan – this is a scan with minimal hurdles for price…

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Buffet Still Ahead In Hedge Fund Bet

This is rather like clubbing seals….. With four years to go in his bet with New York hedge fund firm Protégé Partners , Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffet is sitting in the catbird seat. The Oracle of Omaha made a 10-year bet six years ago that money invested in an S&P index fund would outperform a…

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Oil Versus Shale

With current pissing contest that is the US versus OPEC I thought it would be interesting to see at what point everyone begins to feel pain.  Knowing everyones pain point is always an interesting thing. Intriguingly finding this data took a little bit of digging through various sources, there is also a little bit of…

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Where to buy Louise Bedford’s eBooks

A terrific way to learn about the sharemarket is by picking up some eBooks. As technology has developed, eBooks have become incredibly popular, and they can definitely be more convenient for the tech savvy, those with space issues, or those who find that reading a physical book is rather archaic. Just imagine – you won’t…

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Gold Reserves

I know nothing about gold fundamentals – nor do I want to. However, I had excel open and thought it might be interesting to look at the pattern of gold reserves. And a chart always makes things more interesting….. A few things about this interest me. 1. Australia despite being the second largest gold producer…

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I have in the recent past been tempted to write something about the fall in the price of crude oil. In part I have hesitated because to me the fall is merely a movement in price as evidenced by the chart below which I referenced in Charts of Interest. However, some of the recent commentary…

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