New Year – New Me……Bullshit

 We are only a few hours away from the usual rush of New Year – New Me bullshit that seems to percolate to the surface at this time of the year. This may seem like a somewhat grumpy thing to say during the festive season. Surely the beginning of a New Year is something to…

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Mentally Strong People : The 13 Things they Avoid

For all the time executives spend concerned about physical strength and health, when it comes down to it, mental strength can mean even more. Particularly for entrepreneurs, numerous articles talk about critical characteristics of mental strength—tenacity, “grit,” optimism, and an unfailing ability as Forbes contributor David Williams says, to “fail up.” More at Forbes

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I wonder whether there is an inverse correlation between the number of   ads appearing extolling the virtues of gold as an investment and the direction of the gold price?    

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New Highs

My approach to trading is somewhat basic – I buy new highs and I sell new lows. It certainly could not be considered rocket science by any stretch of the imagination and for me it seems to sit in my sweet spot of ability and intelligence. I find there is an issue though with the…

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The Habits Of The Worlds Smartest People

Largely boils down to set goals and read everything you can – who would have thought that….. Although interestingly, Richard Feynman who is one of my academic hero’s was reticent to read existing research in any field he was investigating preferring instead to start from scratch. Source:

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Riva Boats

Apparently, these are regarded as the Ferrari of boats which is probably code for unreliable, cramped, uncomfortable and for blokes of inadequately sized genitals      

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