RED Market Update

LB and I caught up with the funds management crew at RED the other day and were able to attend one of their client briefings. They were kind enough to allow me to copy their slide deck. The take home points for me. 1. Equities have positive momentum. 2. The great unknown at present is…

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Thanksgiving Day

Apparently that time of the year when turkeys are nervous is approaching in the US. I saw the chart below doing the rounds on the google box with a big of digging I found that  it is apparently from WSJ     So I decided to look a bit harder at stock seasonality and generated…

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Comparative Performance

It has been sometime since I looked at the comparative performance of various markets. I have taken these markets back to a nominal starting date of 13/03/09 which could be considered the date markets reversed after the GFC.        

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Retards I Have Met

Over the years I have been collecting a series of interactions with various retards that I plan to publish in my dotage. You can trust me when I say that the list of those included is long and distinguished and now I have two more to add to the list. We received emails from two…

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How Will You Die?

There is no statistical proof that doctors enjoy a better quality of life before death than the rest of us. But research indicates they are better planners. An often-cited study, published in 2003, of physicians who had been medical students at Johns Hopkins University found that they were more likely than the general public to have…

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What Were You Expecting

I am always interested in stories of start ups and how they progress. This week I read about the instant messaging start up Snapchat. This nifty little application allows users to set a time limit on how long a message be it text, video or image is viewable for. It then deletes the message from…

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