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Apparently the world is ending because the mining boom is slowing down according to a group of economists who I also believe have been predicting the same thing since 2000. And whilst, economists predict the end of the world politicians tell us that its all beer and skittles. Not certain who I would distrust less…

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Four Yorkshiremen

I keep a dodgy email address into which all sorts of rubbish flows. In the past few years I have noticed a trend in the crap I get from motivational/wealth creation/dickheads of seeing who can come from the most humble background. The race to be the most disadvantaged reminded me of this clip from The…

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GS – Where To Invest

Apparently this is how some people make a decision as to where and what to invest in. I have embedded the entire presentation so you can get a sense of the information overload that people can be exposed to.   GS Where to Invest Now

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SEC Study

Apparently the SEC – that is the Yank version of ASIC. You know the organisation that has yet to indict, convict or even spank in a non fun boarding school way anyone responsible for the bacchanalian orgy of theft and misconduct that is Wall Street. Well these clowns have put out a study that apparently…

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I was sitting reviewing the farce that is both Groupon and Facebook and marvelling at the ability of markets to destroy shareholder wealth. Although it must be said that anyone who invested in either of these two thinking that they were viable businesses should take their remaining funds and invest in some serious therapy. After…

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QANTAS Rip Off Rant

Here is a little QAN story. I no longer fly QAN after they damaged one of my cars at valet parking and that when I told them about this their response was to say I was a liar and that I had actually damaged the car and was simply trying to get them to pay…

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A bit of commentary has been filtering through the gooogle box about how the market looks like this or that and how it should now do such and such. Most preeminent in this chatter is that the Dow seems to have a block at about 13,300 and because the market has not instantly gone to…

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Neil Armstrong

Like most of my generation (or at lest those who were paying attention) I remember when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Sitting on the floor at at school clustered around a black and white tv we watched a barely discernible image of a man stepping onto another world. In a time when people simply…

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