Investing in a Bubble

The S&P 500 index soared 38% in 1995. This sharp increase, following four years of steady gains, made some of the smartest investors on Wall Street begin to grow wary of a bubble in the making. Over the past few months, we studied what today’s most famous investors were saying during the years leading up…

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I have been following the action in GameStop this week with great interest because mania is a fascinating thing and watches a hedge fund who thought they were onto a sure thing getting their nuts squeezed is hilarious as is the bleating of Wall Street traditionalists to make the nasty young people stop. If you…

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When and How Should Investors Make Forecasts?

It is easy to criticise investment forecasting. I do it myself on a regular basis. As enjoyable a pastime as this is, there is a problem. All investors are consistently making forecasts. Consciously and unconsciously. Even the biggest sceptic of the folly of market and economic predictions is inevitably expressing views about the future when…

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Why Learning a New Skill Is So Good for You

As it turns out, being a grown-up novice offers all kinds of surprising benefits. Just ask journalist Tom Vanderbilt, who spent a year attempting to pick up a variety of challenging skills, from surfing to singing to drawing. Ultimately, he didn’t become amazing at any of these things, but his humble quest taught him something…

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Want To Rewire Your Brain For Meaningful Life Changes?

You are the architect of your brain. It turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks. Until recently, the conventional thinking was that our brains were hardwired at birth and therefore unchangeable. But the good news is that our brains are constantly being reshaped by our daily experiences. You can control improve how…

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WTF Is A Certified Technical Analyst?

I posted the image below on social media yesterday in part for shits and giggles but also because my social media feeds are being flooded by people claiming to be either certified technical analysts or certified market technicians, one peanut even claimed to be a technical financial engineer whatever the f#4k that might be. You…

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My Worst Investment Ever

When you appear on podcasts one of the most commonly asked questions is what is your best investment. I understand why people ask this question but I think it is actually the wrong question to ask since very little is learned by trying to mimic someone’s past performance – a performance that may be entirely…

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