An Academic Wrecking Ball Aims at Hedge Funds

Quant investing, and indeed much of the hedge fund industry, is built on the power and freedom that come with the ability to sell short. When you short a security (borrow and then sell it, meaning you make money if the price falls and you then re-buy it), you can profit when markets go down as well…

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Roque: Why Technical Trading Signals Stopped Working

PS: I accept that technical analysis is a broad church that encompasses everything from pseudo religous beleifs such as Gann and Elliot Wave through to the idiocy sunspots and astrology, to those who plaster their chart with indicators and ending up with simpletons such as me who simply trade in the direction of the trend.…

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Built by Robots

Erecting a new building ranks among the most inefficient, polluting activities humans undertake. The construction sector is responsible for nearly 40% of the world’s total energy consumption and CO2 emissions, according to a UN global survey (pdf). A consortium of Swiss researchers has one answer to the problem: working with robots. The proof of concept comes in…

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Last Chance for the Mentor Program

There are only 3 days until we close-off bookings for the 2020 Mentor Program for good. Miss this one and you’ll be kicking yourself for years to come. Earl Nightingale is quoted as saying “a time can come for each of us when more will happen to us in 6 months than transpired in the previous 5 years. Compound events…

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Work Smarter

Trading is awesome, horrific, delightful and agonising – often all at the same time. You’re going to want the support of a Mentor who has true longevity in the markets, and can teach you to tiptoe through the minefield. You’ve gotta work smarter. Some of the hardest working people I’ve ever known were just digging…

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A Shortcut for Decision Making

Ever been confronted with a decision that seems so hard, so confusing, so ambiguous that you’ve chosen to avoid that decision entirely? Sure… we all have. I’ve got a valuable shortcut for you that can be applied to every area of your life. Ask yourself… “What would a smart person do?” Then, go do that. For goodness…

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Here’s The Price to be Paid for Listening to ‘Armageddonist’ Predictions

Dire predictions of imminent stock-market doom are a recurring feature since the 2008 financial crisis, and one fund industry executive has had enough. Michael Cembalest, the chairman of market and investment strategy for J.P. Morgan Asset Management, rounded up apocalyptic predictions from a range of commentators, including famed investor George Soros, bond-market giant Jeffrey Gundlach,…

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