Against Self-Criticism

I have thought and continued to think a great deal about the relationship between critical thinking and cynicism — what is the tipping point past which critical thinking, that centerpiece of reason so vital to human progress and intellectual life, stops mobilizing our constructive impulses and topples over into the destructiveness of impotent complaint and embittered resignation, begetting cynicism?…

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Same Old Same Old

One of the things I have noticed about travel is that being human is largely universal – that would seem to be an odd statement that touches on the banal. But the natural human instinct is to think that people who are not like us are different. The tendency is to split the world into…

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A Little Laugh

“AND SO MARGERY… tell me about your three sons”. “Well, Peter runs a brothel in the Western suburbs. John is in prison and only has another 9 years to serve.” “Oh – and what about your other son, Margery?” “Well, we don’t talk about Simon much. He’s a trader.”

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Think Ahead

IT’S SO ESSENTIAL to have long-term goals. What were you after when you got started trading? The rent paid next month? That’s pretty short-sighted. Or were you after liberation? Financial serenity? Never having to worry whether there was enough money in the bank to go on that overseas trip… first-class. Think about how you want…

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Interesting Thought

  HERE’S A GREAT thought by Seth Godin: “There’s a common mistranslation that causes us trouble. We say, “I am afraid,” as if the fear is us, forever. We don’t say, “I am a fever” or “I am a sore foot.” No, in those cases, we acknowledge that it’s a temporary condition, something we have,…

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Cane Toad Narcotics

MY FUR-NEPHEW IS a sausage dog name Wilfred. His hobby? Hunting down can toads. Once he catches one, he rolls it on its side. Then he gently squashes it with his paw and delightedly licks the oozing yellow poison it secretes from its slimy glands. Wilfred then gets an immediate hallucinogenic high, and wins an…

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Fortune Favours the Educated Bold

THE MAJORITY OF HIGH achieving traders have big brass balls. They dump them in a wheel barrow just to get around. They need them to combat the arrows of condemnation they experience from family members, work colleagues and 9-5 enthusiasts. This isn’t a gender specific comment mind you. I have just as many hugely successful…

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Was just scrolling through some charts (something I dont normally do when travelling) and I noticed that since passing the $1T mark AMZN has lost almost 25% of its value. Which is something that has occurred in the past. Despite this it is still up 39% on a rolling yearly basis,about 320% on a five…

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How Our Physical Health Impacts Our Trading Psychology

*  Recent research suggests that a sedentary lifestyle–one without exercise–is more harmful to our health than smoking, diabetes, or high blood pressure.  The lack of aerobic fitness is a larger risk factor for mortality than having many medical conditions that we regard as necessary to treat. *  Poor posture, such as sitting hunched over a screen for…

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