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A Few Rules

Whilst at the AIA Conference I was surprised at the number of folks who did not have a coherent approach to the market. In fact I would say that a plan was a rarity. This prompted me to dig out this old ready reckoner of points I think should be somewhere in your plan. Its…

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Keep in mind these thoughts for today: – Obstacles cannot stop you. Problems cannot stop you. Most of all other people cannot stop you. Only YOU can stop you. – There are 3 times when people change – When hurt enough, when they desire enough, or when they learn enough that they want to change.…

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Beating Yourself Up

I’M SENT A LOT of emails every month from people who are trying to come to grips with errors they’ve made and problems they’re experiencing while trading. It’s so tempting to beat ourselves up when we stuff up a trade, isn’t it? If you’ve found your self-talk is suffering after taking a battering on the…

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Well….That’ll Learn Ya…

I came across this headline – Knight Capital Says Trading Glitch Cost It $440 Million $10 million a minute. That’s about how much the trading problem that set off turmoil on the stock market on Wednesday morning is already costing the trading firm. The Knight Capital Group announced on Thursday that it lost $440 million when…

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Better…Sort Of

Still no volume follow through. Widespread participation would be good. Given the mess the inhabitants of Wall Street have made of their own patch I dont blame the majority of people for not wanting to be involved. The perception that this is still a rigged game run by criminals still persists.

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Algo’s In The Local Market

On the way back from the Gold Coast I had the chance to catch up with a mater who I had not seen for many a year. He once had the misfortune to sit next to me on a dealing desk – he has since recovered from that experience and gone on to successfully manage…

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I Have Returned

I have just returned from the Gold Coast aka the inappropriate tattooed bogan capital of Australia. Whilst there I spoke at the AIA Conference, caught up with some folks I knew, heard some interesting opinions and got a sense of peoples feelings about the markets. All in all….not bad. However, during one point in my…

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All 135 Space Shuttle Launches At Once

I am nostalgic for the days of the space race…… Grand Finale 2010-11 from McLean Fahnestock on Vimeo. My guess is that occupational health and safety laws would prevent us from going back to the moon because some shiny arsed dickhead in a fluoro vest would not sign off on it because someone didnt have…

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A Letter From Mark Zuckerberg

Nice little touch up from The New Yorker At Facebook headquarters, we like to have all-night coding parties where we get shitfaced and write algorithms and other computer stuff you wouldn’t understand. I want you to do the same thing, except instead of coding, I want you to click on random ads for and…

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