Why Do We Sleep?

What is often lost on people is that trading is a high performance endevour. To do it properly you need to be on your game both mentally and physically. The infiltration of technology into our lives and the ability to now trade any market in the world 24 hours a day has meant that many…

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Yield Report

A good mate of mine Matthew Wilson produces a report known as the Yield Report which is a rundown on what is happening in fixed interest markets. If you trade this segment of the market or want to improve your knowledge of fixed interest trading then check it out here you can get a free trial…

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Frustration And Fluidity

This is a repost from a comment I made recently on the Mentor Program Alumni forum. I think as traders/investors we are all guilty of getting too close to the problem; the end result of this is that we cant actually see a solution and we keep doing the same thing over and over. I…

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Mail Bag

It is always interesting when your email is publicly available – this means that sometimes the public writes to you and today was no exception.  My winner for email of the week is the chap who wrote to me today and see he was suspicious of financial markets because his broker was spying on him…

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Is The Market Overvalued?

This is a question that tends to get posed at boardrooms and dinner parties any time the market has had an extended run. Whenever, someone poses this question to me, my immediate and somewhat flippant answer is don’t know and don’t care. My response is based upon the notion that I feel it is the…

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Motivation Monday

I feel for this young bloke. He is obviously trying to get his life in order but like all of us he gets in his own way. It is a longer video than I would normally post and it took me a few goes to get through it but it is worth it.    …

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