The Habits Of The Worlds Smartest People

Largely boils down to set goals and read everything you can – who would have thought that….. Although interestingly, Richard Feynman who is one of my academic hero’s was reticent to read existing research in any field he was investigating preferring instead to start from scratch. Source:

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Riva Boats

Apparently, these are regarded as the Ferrari of boats which is probably code for unreliable, cramped, uncomfortable and for blokes of inadequately sized genitals      

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So How Was Your Year

I will probably do a more in depth look at the year later on but in preparing my thoughts I generated the following chart courtesy of Finviz. Each year I like to look back at the major trends and gauge whether I spotted them and also whether I managed to take advantage of them. Charts…

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The More Things Change….

I am always intrigued by the almost constant incantation that says that markets are different now to how they used to be. Every time something happens in a market that doesn’t seem to suit a given perspective or philosophy we get the reasoning that markets are different know. I have lost count of the number…

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Nice Work If You Can Get It

Following on from yesterdays piece on the remarkable underperformance of the hedge fund sector I thought it would be interesting to compare the compensation hedge fund managers pay themselves compared to a few other highly paid industries. To put my little league table into context I thought it would be nifty to graph them to…

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Inside The Box – People Dont Actually Like Creativity

In the United States we are raised to appreciate the accomplishments of inventors and thinkers—creative people whose ideas have transformed our world. We celebrate the famously imaginative, the greatest artists and innovators from Van Gogh to Steve Jobs. Viewing the world creatively is supposed to be an asset, even a virtue. Online job boards burst…

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Hedge Funds Trail Stocks by the Widest Margin Since 2005

Weasel word excuse – “It has been difficult for hedge funds on the short side,” said Nick Markola, head of research at Fieldpoint Private, a $3.5 billion Greenwich, Connecticut-based private bank and wealth-advisory firm. “Funds were defensively positioned. Central bank action did bode well for equities and made for a more challenging environment for hedge funds.” Drunkenmiller…

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How Many Tulips Can You Buy With One Bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s sudden rise has people thinking about the ludicrous heights that tulips achieved in the Netherlands in the 1630s. At the peak of that bubble, a single tulip bulb could cost more than ten times a craftsman’s annual salary. While some of these prices were “justified” by market forces—the rarest breeds were enviable luxury goods—the…

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