The Number Of Winners Doesn’t Count

I originally posted this in the Foundation section of the Mentor Program but I thought it was too good to leave there. One of the key psychological and emotional roadblocks that new traders have to get over is that the number of winning trades you have does not matter. What matters is how much on…

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In What World Is This True?

I get a newsfeed from FinAlternatives its always good for which hedge fund has gone broke, which one is being investigated for insider trading and which one is mysteriously relocating to a country with no extradition. This morning I popped in to take a look and saw the following headline – Hedge Fund Pay Up…

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I am somehow subscribed to the ASX’s  Investor Update. In the latest edition I came across the following article – Ten Questions When Picking Junior Miners I have striped out the ten questions. 1. What commodities are being explored for? 2. Where are the projects? 3. Are the projects of significant scale? 4. Is there…

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Is There Life After Work?

New York Times…..At an office party in 2005, one of my colleagues asked my then husband what I did on weekends. She knew me as someone with great intensity and energy. “Does she kayak, go rock climbing and then run a half marathon?” she joked. No, he answered simply, “she sleeps.” And that was true.…

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Nanny State

This is a paradox, at once completely unrelated to trading but also totally related if you understand the psychology of what is happening here. This ad was recently banned in Australia as being too adult. As if it were ever possible to be too adult. The central issue here is simply one of having others…

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New T-Shirt

I am thinking of having t-shirts made with the logo shown below on them. I think I should send one to every commentator who appears in the media gibbering on about the market.

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Japan Earthquake, 2 Years Later: Before and After

This is a very interesting photo set from The Atlantic – it shows what motivated people can achieve. Meanwhile I am still waiting for a leaking pipe under my nature strip to be fixed… its only been two years but I suppose Yarra Valley water will eventually move from watching it to doing something about…

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Why Analysts Should Not Be Investors

I would like to make an addendum to the title. It should really read Why Analysts Should Not Be Investors nor be allowed to give any form of advice to the unsuspecting public at all… Back in October, Andy Zaky put out his sixth “buy” recommendation on Apple stock. The first five — in July 2006, November…

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Dow 36,000

F#$k me…………if you say the same thing every year for the better part of two decades eventually you might get it right……….. The Dow Jones Industrial Average set a record this week, but it’s still far from the mark that economist Kevin Hassett and I forecast in our 1999 book, “Dow 36,000.” We wrote in the introduction that…

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Bull Markets

These don’t tell us anything we can use to formulate a trading plan, but they are interesting from an historical perspective. The current rally on the S&P500 is the sixth best overall. The league table of all rallies  

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