S&P/ASX 200 Volume

I was looking at the chart below of the ASX 200 and its volume. As you can see below the chart whilst looking reasonably standard has two points of interest for me. Firstly, the trace of volume  by coincidence  looks like a nice little bell curve, with the peak occurring as we initially bounced out…

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The Misguided Beliefs of Financial Advisors

Below is the abstract from this paper – The Misguided Beliefs of Financial Advisors A common view of retail finance is that conflicts of interest contribute to the high cost of advice. Using detailed data on financial advisors and their clients, however, we show that most advisors invest their personal portfolios just like they advise…

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The 100 Most Overpaid US CEOs

This piece by the Harvard Law Review is wonderfully comprehensive and can be downloaded from here. There is a summary posting here if you want the Readers Digest version. However, I would suggest downloading the entire thing. This charts stands out as highlighting the miserable performance of the most overpaid CEO’s . Once you read the…

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Another Great Australian Tradition

In Australia we have a number of traditions. The long weekend, a sausage sizzle at Bunnings and the latest – the whinging billionaire. The leaders of this pack of privileged complainers has to be Gerry Harvey who in the past two weeks has suggested that his stock in the grip of an evil an unidentified…

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Nothing To See Here

With a free afternoon I decided to look at the individual performance of stocks that make up the ASX 200 since the beginning of the year. What I did was assume that you invested $1.00 into each on the first trading day of the year and then see what their current valuation was. The table…

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Mining Industry

I have been thinking about this table I put up the other day. It merely confirms my view that the mining industry is an historical economic distortion that is vastly overrated in its importance. Employing less that 2% of the Australian workforce (see below) and only contributing about 6% of GDP yet receiving about $10B…

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Jumping At Shadows

I was reviewing the latest Investment Trends data which can be viewed here. There are a few things that jumped out at me but I want to discuss the chart I have posted below. This chart looks at the current fears investors/traders have about the market. What is interesting about these fears is that as…

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