The Mentor Program is Your Next Step

  Chris Tate and Louise Bedford’s 6-month, repeat-for-free Mentor Program will help you develop a fabulous trading lifestyle, where you call the shots. To get involved, register for Priority Notification. Yes, there’s a waiting list. Yes, a lot of people miss out every year. The only way to get involved is to stick up your hand…

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Stupidest Answer On Google

So for some strange reason ( blame lockdown ), I found myself wondering about the origin of the word stochastic, so I fired up Google and underneath what I was looking for I got the following. So, third in line after me looking up the origin of the word stochastic appears the age-old chestnut about…

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Getting Comfortable With Fear And Unpredictability

….Fear is a necessary learned emotion. If we were unable to feel fear in certain situations, we would then be unable to shield ourselves from hurtful or dangerous stimuli. However, fear in excess is more detrimental than it is helpful — often severely impacting our judgments and choices in situations (Lemia, M.C., 2011). According to…

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How Ken Griffin Became A Multi-Billionaire Business Tycoon

In 1987, while many of his classmates at Harvard were out partying and living the stereotypical college life, a student named Ken Griffin was already focused on building his future. The 19-year-old was busy developing the skills and laying the groundwork for what would eventually become a financial empire, amongst the largest such firms in…

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Japanese Billionaire Laments $41 Million Loss From Day Trading

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa revealed Sunday he regrets day-trading stocks and losing 4.4 billion yen (roughly $41 million) as the coronavirus pandemic fueled strong market volatility. The founder and former CEO of e-commerce firm Zozo said in a tweet he fell into the trap of short-term trading before learning more about the practice. He also lamented how…

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If Ever You Needed A Reason To Only Trust Yourself

Macquarie Group has paid $6 million to settle a five-year legal dispute with Ballarat businessman Brendan James who accused its investment advisers of artificially inflating the price of a small mining company and encouraging him to buy more shares when it proved to be worthless. An adviser at the nation’s largest investment bank then sold…

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Grown Ups In The Finance Industry

Two Macquarie Group executives repeatedly drugged a colleague with valium and laxatives during a business trip to South America in a “malicious” attempt to discredit him. Within hours of the dangerous prank, several photographs of the unconscious man had been emailed from Chile to Australia, where they were circulated among Macquarie stockbrokers in Melbourne and…

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Idiots and Predictions

It must be the thought of an extended lockdown doing peoples heads in but I have been receiving a lot of emails about market predictions. Particularly given the US markets gyration last week. As I decided to repost something I wrote many many years ago that looks at how idiot this sort of thing is.…

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Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose

  The COVID situation has made us all vulnerable. And in times of vulnerability, your true character is revealed. We’ve been under pressure. We’ve endured so many changes. It’s made it impossible to polyfill over the cracks in our lives. In this revealing 15-minute interview with Chris Tate and Louise Bedford, you’ll learn how to…

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Are you on Priority Notification for our Mentor Program?

  If not, you’re simply missing out. This will be our 21st year of running our Mentor Program and to celebrate, we’re giving away a heap of free resources to everyone who is ‘Mentor Program Curious’. To get into the Mentor Program, you need to register for Priority Notification. Click here to tick that off the list.…

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