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Hot Hands and Cold Feet

Sports analogies often help us think about how we make investing decisions. Are there streaks in random data? Do past results affect future ones? And most importantly, if you know people have certain biases, what can you do to get a leg up? In this episode, hosts Dan Villalon and Gabe Feghali talk to AQR Principal and…

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Where Do Trading Ideas Come From?

The thing that got me thinking about this idea was a piece that flashed briefly across one of my aggregators about which was better Coke (KO) or Pepsi (PEP) and I dont mean in the ways of the old Pepsi challenge that some of us would remember. To be honest I didn’t pay it much…

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How to Make a Big Decision

In July 1838, Charles Darwin, then 29, sat down to make a decision that would alter the course of his life. The decision he was wrestling with was not related to scientific questions about the origins of species. It was a different kind of decision — existential as well, but of a more personal nature:…

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Nice People Have Emptier Wallets

Are you an agreeable person—you know, a nice guy? If so, a logical follow-up might be: how are your finances? And here’s why: “Agreeable peoplehave lower savings, they have higher debt, and they’re also more likely to go bankrupt or default on their loans.” Sandra Matz is a computational social scientist at the Columbia Business School…

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The Ridiculous Amount Of Money Baby Boomer Rockers Make On Tour

It’s no rumor: Lindsey Buckingham, former lead guitarist of Fleetwood Mac, is suing his former bandmates, declaring that cutting him out of their current tour deprived him of up to $14 million. According to the suit Buckingham’s lawyers filed this week in Los Angeles Superior Court, Fleetwood Mac made a deal with Live Nation for a 60-concert North…

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What Is The Central Issue?

Whenever markets have any sort of hiccup (read dont go up in a linear fashion) all sorts of commentary comes out of the woodwork. I therefore thought it would be instructive to look at the events of last week and to put them into some form of context beginning with a short term view. The…

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More On Sensation Seeking Money Managers

Sugata Ray conducts the most fun research. From his post teaching and researching at the University of Alabama, he studies disparate influences on asset management and market microstructure. He has looked at the effect of personal real estate transactions and “marital events” on the productivity and risk tolerance of hedge fund managers. We caught up…

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It’s Better To Be Born Rich Than Gifted

The most telling part of the piece – The least-gifted children of high-income parents graduate from college at higher rates than the most-gifted children of low-income parents.” No doubt this is a universal phenomena. The graphic below shows that the raw material for being successful is evenly distributed across socio-economic groups but the expression of…

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