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SCENE: EXCLUSIVE INTERNATIONAL tropical hotel. I’m sitting by the pool, margarita in hand, sunglasses on – looking at share charts on my laptop. Mid 60s deck chair neighbour wearing retina-damaging speedos, a forest of body hair, sporting an over-tanned big brown belly leans over to me. “What’s that you’re looking at, love?” Me: “Share charts”…

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Here’s What We Know About Mental Fatigue

Back in 2009, a research team at Bangor University in Wales published a study showing that mental fatigue impairs physical performance. Subjects spent 90 minutes sitting in front of a computer screen either watching a bland documentary or playing a simple but focus-demanding computer game. Afterwards, when they hopped on an exercise bike for a time-to-exhaustion test,…

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Gold Bugs Are Incapable of Logical Thought

Gold goes up a fraction and everyone loses their friggen mind. My LinkedIn feed is alight with gold bugs who have gone all a quiver in their nether regions because gold has had a modest move up. Now I will agree that Linkedin has become like Facebook but for people with either a real job…

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Dow Jones Monthly Returns

Apparently, the Dow has just logged its best June return in more than 80 years. You may ask exactly the WTF is so important about June which is exactly what I did when I glanced at the article. If your conclusion is that there is nothing special about June at all then you would be…

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The Right Way to Follow Your Passion

Passion can be an energizing, fulfilling force, the stuff upon which businesses are built, works of art are created and Olympic medals are won. However, if you’re not careful, passion can become an equally destructive curse, leading to suffering and distress. Understanding how this happens — and how you can prevent it — is integral…

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Astrology Beliefs among Undergraduate Students

A survey of the science knowledge and attitudes toward science of nearly 10000 undergraduates at a large public university over a 20-year period included several questions addressing student beliefs in astrology and other forms of pseudoscience. The results from our data reveal that a large majority of students (78%) considered astrology “very” or “sort of”…

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Personal Genius and Peer Pressure

Britt Harris: I have to surround myself with people who are strong in areas where I am not, whom I trust. The Texas model is in part about diversity of thinking, and diversity of thinking comes from knowing what your personal genius is, and what your perspective is. That helps you work on your strengths. It’s…

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