What Happens to Your Body on a Long-Distance Swim

Ross Edgley, a British athlete and fitness enthusiast, is currently on a mission to swim 2,000 miles around the coast of Great Britain. That means spending 12 hours a day in cold, sea jelly–filled currents. The feat has been a dream of his since childhood, and after talking to rowers and gauging his ability to work with…

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This Prediction Thing Is Hard

The chart below shows a series of predictions by experts on the future of the US 10-year T-Note. As you can see they missed by miles which should not be any surprise at all what is surprising is that anyone still listens to them. Source – WSJ

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Volatility 101: An Introduction to Market Volatility

This is not a bad introductory primer on volatility which is one of the most misunderstood topics in trading. Although, I do think they make too much of extraneous fundamental factors such as news and earnings and not enough about herd behaviour. From my perspective volatility is simply a function of the human perceptual filter…

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Well that sucks…..

The Wall Street Journal says Los Angeles faces a glut of mansions built on spec and priced above $20 million. About 50 such houses are currently for sale, and there isn’t enough dumb money around to buy them all, so sellers are having to resort to both price cuts and absurd marketing techniques, such as open houses that are…

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Final Thoughts

DR. JIM SIMONS. NAME RING a bell? I thought not. Flying under the radar of the media, he got a PhD in Mathematics and was recruited as a code breaker by the National Security Agency in the US. Then, he applied his advanced math skills to the stockmarket and became one of the world’s most…

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I Was Robbed!

IT WAS YEAR 11 for me. The school play auditions were on. I desperately wanted the role of the hippie drug addict. I’d arrived, dressed in flower power glory, absolutely sure I’d nail the role. I auditioned brilliantly… really, if you had have been there, you would have thought I was as high as a…

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What Do You Do?

WHEN MY LITTLE guy, Ryan, was in Prep – the parents were invited into the classroom. The teacher asked “What do your parents do?” Each child had to stand up and answer, in front of the whole class. (The goal was to show the parents that kids don’t care what occupation they have, that the…

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My Birthday

SIGNIFICANT BIRTHDAYS HAVE a way of making you look backward… and forward. I’ve just reached a milestone birthday. Five decades. I can’t help but reflect. If we’re to go on averages, the days ahead will be fewer than those I have already lived. With the days I’ve left behind, I feel content. Now, I find…

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Think You Have Had A Bad Day….

At this year’s Euroanaesthesia Congress (the annual meeting of the European Society of Anaesthesiology) in Vienna, Austria (1-3 June), doctors present the unique case of a man who suffered a flash fire in his chest cavity during emergency heart surgery caused by supplemental oxygen leaking from a ruptured lung. More here – EurekAlert

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A Surprising New Way To Avoid Choking Under Pressure

Choking is a ubiquitous and extremely frustrating human weakness – as the stakes are raised, our performance usually improves, but only up to a point, beyond which the pressure gets too much and our skills suddenly deteriorate. Any new psychological tricks to ameliorate this problem will be welcomed by sports competitors, students and anyone else…

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Go Away In May

Now that May is in the rear vision mirror you will no doubt be bombarded by invocations to sell In May and go away. The rationale being that the markets best months are behind it and you are best off leaving and coming back in October. I have always found finances little myths quite quaint…

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