Weekend Reading

The Man Who Escaped Microsoft and Took a Whole Company With Him -Wired Men Over 40 Should Think Twice Before Running Triathlons – Bloomberg Shocking new drug testing statistics in tennis revealed – Yahoo The Problem With Psychiatry, the ‘DSM,’ and the Way We Study Mental Illness – Pacific Standard The Last Mystery of the…

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Choice Of Market Matters

I was having breakfast with Scott L out systems tester extraordinaire the other day. Our chice of venue for such outings is a cafe in Brighton. Not because it is half way between our two abodes but rather that it boast a boat ramp. And as everyone knows a boat ramp is the best free…

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Predicting The Next Crash

As a personal dlsclaimer I should point out that Sornett has been making predictions of crashes for over a decade and I dont believe he has gotten one correct. His last prediction of note was that the S&P500 would crash to 700 points in 2004, if memory serves me correctly that didnt happen. In their…

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Peak HFT

From Bloomberg – Even as the money has dried up and HFT’s presence has declined, the regulators are arriving in force. In January, Gregg Berman, a Princeton-trained physicist who’s worked at the Securities and Exchange Commission since 2009, was promoted to lead the SEC’s newly created Office of Analytics and Research. His primary task is to…

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Mailbag Time

Every now and again we get an interesting email at blog central. Todays intrepid contributor writes – I have noticed that a daily and weekly ATR are different. Why is this, I find it confusing….

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The New Nikkei Bear Market?

I am always intrigued as to the definitions of when a new bear market begins. Most pundits claim that when a market falls 20% then it is in the grip of the bear. I am not so sure. For example if you held a stock at $10 and it went to $8 would you consider…

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Kodak’s Problem Child

I have written about Kodak before and its failure to adapt to the disruption caused by its own invention and this piece by Kenny Suleimanagich is a neat little synopsis of how it all went wrong. See also Adapt by Tim Harford.

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The Man Who Lost $8 Billion

Employees—down to the secretaries and limo driver—started calculating their bonuses. Because of Hunter’s profits, the firm had earned money to divvy up at the end of the year. The largest bonus by far went to Hunter, with the farm-country boy from Calgary netting a bonus of $113 million. More here – SALON

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