Is It Any Wonder Journalists Are Poor

Occasionally you come across a piece of investment advice that is so poor that it makes you wonder what were they thinking – or perhaps not thinking. A piece appeared on Bloomberg last night and was later reprinted in the Fairfax press that is titled –Invest in Bitcoin, Even If It’s a Bubble. It then…

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The 25 Most Influential Artists

In national security, social network analysis is used to identify potential terrorists. In marketing, it can uncover the Instagram influencers who are best positioned to sell a company’s product. But social network theory—the study of how different people or things interact with one another, often revealing the most influential and well-connected people among a certain population—can also,…

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Even The Smartest…….

I can bet you every teenager since the age of the invention of the mass produced car has through that they invented having sex in the back of a car. This is simply the way our cultural memory works – we are disconnected in many ways from the knowledge and experience of those who have…

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The Last of the Iron Lungs

Martha Lillard spends half of every day with her body encapsulated in a half-century old machine that forces her to breathe. Only her head sticks out of the end of the antique iron lung. On the other side, a motorized lever pulls the leather bellows, creating negative pressure that induces her lungs to suck in…

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39 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago

  About two years ago I started a list called “Things I wish I had known earlier” in my journal. I initially came up with 25 lessons about life, career, love, and relationships. Things I’ve learned from mentors, books, friends, readers, etc. I created the list for myself because I realized that I forgot important…

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A Lazy Person’s Guide to Happiness

Happiness is an active process, not something you get by sitting back and waiting. It’s something to be grabbed by the horns or more vulnerable areas and then conquered. At least, this is the gist of the message from Tony Robbins and gurus of his ilk. Many also say happiness is not something we can…

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What Would You Prefer?

I have been spending some more time playing with the data set below which I looked at last week within the context of long term returns for the All Ordinaries. One of the issues that is difficult for traders to come to grips with is the lumpiness of returns that are generated by trading systems.…

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WHEN HRISTOS DOUCOULIAGOS was a young economist in the mid-1990s, he got interested in all the ways economics was wrong about itself—bias, underpowered research, statistical shenanigans. Nobody wanted to hear it. “I’d go to seminars and people would say, ‘You’ll never get this published,’” Doucouliagos, now at Deakin University in Australia, says. “They’d say, ‘this is bordering on libel.’”…

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