Singer Vehicles

Singer Vehicle Designs make bespoke versions of older 911’s and their work is stunning. Singer Vehicle Design 360 degree video presentation from Singer Vehicle Design on Vimeo.  

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Have you grabbed your free Spring Hamper yet?

I receive a lot of emails from people asking ‘How do I get the right mindset to really excel?’ Usually they want something for free to give them a taste of what they need to come out as a winner. While I love helping people, I do get frustrated, because usually, most of the things…

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Crash Ahead!!!

This is an excellent little piece on the need for noise management in trading. 1. Consider your source. Unless the source is unimpeachable, ignore it. Experts (and especially phony experts) are prone to the same weaknesses all of us are, of course. Philip Tetlock’s excellent Expert Political Judgment examines why experts are so often wrong in sometimes excruciating detail.…

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Apparently Iron Ore Is Surging

Whilst driving home I had the misfortune to hear a market report and one of the reasons given for BHP rising against the tide today (a staggering 0.28% rise) is that iron ore prices are surging….. Interesting how a 31% collapse is seen as a surge. Journalists are so thick.

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What Does It Mean?

I posted a variation of this chart yesterday and I was thinking about it last night as to how people would interpret its relevance. I could construct a narrative that went along the lines of the market is congesting and therefore should opt for not adding to any of my current US positions. Alternatively I…

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