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It is only isolating if you are a dickhead – which is true of most things in life. It’s a rainy Wednesday morning and Clay Cockrell is sitting in his office at Columbus Circle across the street from 1 Central Park West, which houses Trump International Hotel and Tower. In front of the tower is…

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Can You Smell The Irony?

An outbreak of the measles at Kenneth Copeland’s Texas megachurch has gotten some attention because (1) measles is something children are generally vaccinated for, these days and (2) Kenneth Copeland is, of course, an anti-vaccine crackpot. In what seems to be yet another bitterly ironic attempt by God to teach noisy religious fundamentalists what-for, the…

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Australian History 101

When I was a teenager I shifted schools. I moved from an inner city school that taught a diverse range of history’s such as Japanese, Chinese and a range of European focused history’s to a smaller regional school that for some reason taught Australian history. Which I found as dull as dishwater, after all not…

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Porsche Cayman GT4

I was out buying a new bus for Mrs Blog yesterday on account of her torpedoing her last daily driver into the back of some unsuspecting Mitsubishi Galant and they had the last model Cayman at the Porsche dealer across the road. Tempting little rocket….might have to go back for another look.    

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Narrative Bullshit

One of the reasons I hate politicians and their associated minions is not that they are lying, cheating, self serving pieces of shit but rather that they offend one of my prime sensibilities. In my world the thing that has always mattered the most is data – anyone who resorts to narrative to push a…

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The Rise Of the Machine

I spotted this piece whilst travelling and wasn’t really going to comment as I thought it was just another attempt to defend an industry that is largely indefensible by way of its incompetence and lack of morality. the piece itself is merely a sides dig at robo advising. For those who are unfamiliar with the subject…

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The Expectation Versus The Reality

I have always found conferences interesting. They tend to be on a spectrum from tremendously useful where new findings are revealed and debated to self congratulatory wankfests to sideshows that display a marked disconnect between reality and fantasy. Trading conferences tend to fall into the last category and unfortunately IFTA in Tokyo was no exception.…

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They say that travel broadens the mind and for the most part I agree with this sentiment but for a simple caveat. It only does so for those who are sufficiently self aware to remove themselves from the strictures of their own culture and the emotional and psychological baggage that it entails. If you remain…

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