Hedge Funds Crap At Commodity Trading As Well…..

Why is everyone surprised? When even Cargill Inc., the world’s largest grain trader, decides to liquidate its own hedge fund, that’s a sign that commodity speculators are in trouble. Hedge funds focused on raw materials lost money on average in the first half, the Newedge Commodity Trading Index shows. Diminishing investor demand spurred Cargill’s Black…

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I very rarely write anything of a political or social nature simply because it is not really relevant to what the people who read this blog are interested in and to be honest I find such topics to be fairly lifeless and dry. However, one thing has been troubling me and it relates to perspective.…

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My Trip

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” ― Plato I have just retuned from the AIA Conference on the Gold Coast. Speaking as such events is always interesting since the audience represents a departure from the normal crowd I…

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Getting Into the Swing Of Things

I am currently ensconced on the Gold Coast and  I am just about to head off and talk to the folks at the AIA. However, I find myself fitting right in with the tourist lifestyle. As proof of this I have photographed my breakfast, which does seem to be the default activity for people here.…

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Warship’s Last Survivors

From the you think trading is hard file……   Seventy years ago this week, on July 30, 1945, the heavy cruiser U.S.S.Indianapolis was sunk by two torpedoes fired by a Japanese submarine in the south Pacific. So began a five-day ordeal of thirst, hypothermia, salt-water poisoning, hallucination, drowning, and dismemberment in shark-infested waters. Out of a crew…

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AIA Conference

Next week I will be away at the AIA Conference on the Gold Coast – the bogan and inappropriate tattoo capital of Australia, so communication may be a bit spotty. I will be doing my best to offend people, something I seem to have a knack for.

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Is Half A Story Better Than No Story

A recent email exchange with someone who manages money professionally has lead to me to repost this piece I wrote some time ago. During the exchange I couldn’t convince them that not losing money was more important than trying to make it. It has always intrigued me how hard it is to get this point across to…

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Advisers’ Stock Recommendations Drag Down Clients’ Portfolios

Investors trading stocks with assistance of financial advisers are more diversified and overcome some common pitfalls, a new working paper from European researchers found. But they are worse off overall than investors who trade independently, because their stock purchases underperform, the study says. The findings suggest advisers “do not help investors make superior stock purchases,”…

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Size Matters

With all the chatter about ETF’s I thought I would generate a dodgy collection of ETF’s and then look at their current market capitalisation. When I started the exercise I was interested to see where the liquidity risk might lie within the spectrum of the ETF’s I was looking at. When looking at an instrument…

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Trust Me Im An Expert

The next time you sit down to read the business section of the paper or watch one of the business shows consider this – “The more people believed they knew about finances in general, the more likely they were to overclaim knowledge of the fictitious financial terms. The same pattern emerged for other domains, including…

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