What Crisis?

In somewhat of a similar vein to the post on scary charts I came across this piece yesterday – For the past 40-50 yrs, those years ended with “7?” always spell trouble. 1977? – International Currency Crisis 1987?- Oct 19 Black Monday Crash 1997?- Asia Financial Crisis 2007?- US sub-prime Crisis 2017? – ? There…

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The Unfortunate Rise Of The Misleading ‘Scary Chart’

Wish I had done this….. In early 2014 charts were circulating around the internet comparing the 2014 market to 1928-1929. One such chart is shown below. The below chart was taken from an article that highlighted the fallacy of these comparisons. In fact, this type of scare tactic infiltrated the main stream media where a…

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This Really Shits Me

This little rant has nothing to do with trading so if you are not interested tune out now. I came across the article below whilst looking for something else and I thought it would be a good primer piece for people who wanted to know a little bit more about statistics since it uses neither…

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Quote of the Day

On Sunday we had the middle meeting of our Mentor Program and one of the topics that always creeps up is the desire for complexity within trading. There is a belief that the more complex your system the better it will be In part this is due to the illusion of control that such approaches…

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Property Versus Shares

I was mucking around on the Valuer Generals site the other day searching for historical bits and pieces relating to my property when I noticed that the VG kept historical records on their estimation of the median house price in Melbourne. One of the things I have always found difficult in real estate is not…

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Aston Martin – On Tour

From the good Dr Joe – Join us for a three-day driving adventure across Southern Germany for an exceptional Art of Living experience with Aston Martin. Cruise along alpine roads, wind your way around mountainous hairpin bends, and feel the unrivalled performance of an Aston Martin. Along the way, discover the rich heritage, culture and…

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I dont think so

Every so I often I am party to an email from someone who should know better. This particular email was around the topic of returns that could be expected from a novice trader. This email asserted that they were looking at the order of 1,000% pa, which in anyone’s language is a tall order. I…

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This Article Won’t Change Your Mind

….The theory of cognitive dissonance—the extreme discomfort of simultaneously holding two thoughts that are in conflict—was developed by the social psychologist Leon Festinger in the 1950s. In a famous study, Festinger and his colleagues embedded themselves with a doomsday prophet named Dorothy Martin and her cult of followers who believed that spacemen called the Guardians…

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