Introduction to Backtesting Metrics

This Friday we have Kora Reddy of asxiq dropping by as  a guest contributer, who for the next three weeks will be going through some of the intricacies of back testing. Why Backtest a strategy? Quick answers to the question: to determine whether a theory or hypothetical construct is valid in historical testing to summarize…

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It Works….Bitches

Thomas Henry Huxley was referred to as Darwins bulldog for his defense of evolution. Dawkins follows admirably in the tradition of defending rationality against the growing number of idiots that increasingly populate the world. .

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When Is a Negative a Positive?

The folks at Freakonomics Radio have an excellent new podcast. So when is a negative a positive? When the negative is feedback. We focus on a clever research project byAyelet Fishbach of the University of Chicago andStacey Finkelstein at Columbia. It argues that positive feedback certainly has its role — especially when someone isn’t yet fully invested…

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This Should Come In Handy

The clever folks at asxiq have produce an app for the iPhone that gives dividend information for ASX shares. Dvdnd IQ lets you track all the important upcoming dividend dates (ex-dividend, record, payable, etc.) of all the ASX listed shares in easily scroll-able calendar format. Dvdnd IQ includes details for each ASX listed share, information such as last traded…

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Sell Side Bearishness

I have been seeing a few articles pop up about how bearish Wall Street is about the current rally. The chart below courtesy of Merrill Lynch has been popping up for the past few months. Apparently it is telling me that analysts have not been this bearish for about 30 years. To be honest I…

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Due Diligence Disasters

I have always been surprised at the claims by stock analyst/fundamental analysts that they are intimately familiar with the workings of a given organisation and that this familiarity somehow translates into a perception of where price is going. Within the world of the corporate buyout the analyst is king and has enormous resources at their…

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Stillness Revisited

Within the current mentor group we have been having a bit of a discussion regarding the desperate need for activity that drives many (most) traders . As such I thought it was revisiting this concept on the blog. Traditionally Westerners equate activity with productive effort, as such the more noise and the more fuss you…

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Women Make Better Decisions Than Men

Mar. 25, 2013 — Women’s abilities to make fair decisions when competing interests are at stake make them better corporate leaders, researchers have found. A survey of more than 600 board directors showed that women are more likely to consider the rights of others and to take a cooperative approach to decision-making. This approach translates…

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