Limited Attention, Marital Events and Hedge Funds

Abstract We explore the impact of limited attention by analyzing the performance of hedge fund managers who are distracted by marital events. We find that marriages and divorces are associated with significantly lower fund alpha, during the six-month period surrounding and the two-year period after the event. Busy managers who manage multiple funds and who…

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The Economics of the Beatles vs. the Rolling Stones

After watching the Beatles: Get Back sessions, Cameron Abadi was inspired to dive deeper into the economics of the Beatles versus the Rolling Stones with Adam Tooze. So, rock lovers rejoice, that’s what you’ll get in the second half of Ones and Tooze this week. But first, Tooze and Abadi dig into the heated online debate over price controls.…

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What The Universe Has To Say About Your 2022 Money Prospects

The future is often uncertain and after the unprecedented times we’ve had over the past two years there are many pinning hopes on 2022 being the year it all turns around—but will it? Yahoo Finance asked Manifestor Linda Willow Roberts for her thoughts on what the New Year will look like. More here –  Yahoo Finance PS: My thoughts…

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Mark Twain, Framing and Scarcity

In the second chapter of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer the protagonist is in a spot of bother. He has been involved in another scrap and as punishment is tasked by Aunt Polly to spend his precious Saturday whitewashing ‘thirty yards of board-fence nine feet high’. It seemed that a bleak day lay ahead for…

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These Camels Weren’t Born With It

For those who feel they have heard everything. Saudi authorities have disqualified 43 camels from the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival in what’s being called the biggest-ever crackdown on camel beauty contestants in history, the Associated Press reported. The annual month-long festival sees the most beautiful camels competing for $66 million in prize money, with jurors scoring…

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YTD Performance

Two things have prompted me to post this. The year is drawing to a close and it is interesting to see where the big moves in commodities have been. The agricultural sector has lead the way. Apparently gold went up 0.03% last night which caused my Linkedin feed to light up with people once again…

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Is the Correction Over?

Was that it? It feels ridiculous to ask, given that at the lows of last week, the peak-to-trough decline in the S&P 500 was just 5.2%. It feels ridiculous to ask, given that at the lows of last week, the market was still up 21% YTD. But it is a reasonable question, given that stocks have aggressively…

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